Saturday, June 23, 2018


Hi friends!
Our garden! we went small this year. At first Tommy planted lots but rain every day and grass higher than the orka made him cut it down.
This is all we have gathered so far this year.
We had a couple of days of dry and Tommy cut and we pulled weeds but then he had to go see Dr. Jeff! He back didn't like that at all!
Have a good one

Friday, June 22, 2018


Hi friends!
Ran into another problem!
Can't take out the bobbin with this big fat finger!
Guess I will sew until it runs dry!


Hi friends!
Love these trees!
Years ago we ordered some tree's  , we got 11 but this is the only one that lived and it has thorns 3 inch's long. Tommy doesn't cut it down because it has a nest in it that is used every year.
It was suppose to be a crab-apple tree but it's not.
Out magnolia tree had gotten real tall but that drought a couple of years ago killed the top so Tommy cut that part down and just keep the part that was living.
We are going to have to have the big oak in the front cut before it falls on our house.
That last storm did a lot of tree's that way and they destroyed some houses. We were lucky because it was coming in our direction but the ridge shielded us.
Thank goodness , got someone out and they said with bush's growing in the split  it could fall on us and could hit our Tommy got him to come and cut it . Right now he is busy cutting them off of house but will get here as soon as he can.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Hi friends!
A few days ago Missouri star had this for 1.25! Did you see it? Well I ordered it .
I had been looking for a small ruler and hadn't been able to find one at Jo Ann's.
Yesterday I decided to see if I could straight line quilt.
Took me all afternoon to get the walking foot onto my machine. Hard to use that hand without touching that big bandage!
After I got it on took me forever to change the needle and re-thread.
I am going to try it this afternoon..
Tommy was cutting yesterday and the wheel nearly fell off! His john deer is 13 years old and nearly completely re-built but a small part broke.
For 2.600.00 dollars looks like it would never tear up!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hi friends!
I know it's a bad picture, taken through out window .
But see the deer? It came running up the road and went into our neighbors driveway. Last night we were watching the news and it did the same thing.
This quilt is over the quilting machine waiting for me to get to band-aid stage so I can get my hand in my cutting or quilting glove. Or pull on a quilt.
Block's I had cut and sewed before I cut my finger ,on Michael's and Ashley quilt.
Got a big stack waiting for a good trimming.
I just had to sew!!!
I took this apart and sewed it back right for Anna's Quilt.
Fabric I got at Q-Bees for Hubby a quilt since he still has to wash all the dish's until we go back to the Dr. He hadn't offered to mop but I grab a wet paper towel to get spots.
Another  two weeks and we go back.
I may have to brake down and sew a little something today!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Hi friends!
Yesterday we had company!
She was designing her baby sister a big girl quilt.
This is Gracie! Our great grand by my daughter's son Eli and his wife Kari.
Shania is her baby sister but she was asleep when they went to see a customer about a pool.
Eli cleans and installs pools and build decks and all kinds of building.  My super smart grandson.
We went to their house for a cook out before Mother's day. It was near Gracie's birthday so It was mother's day and her birthday.
She found her something in the mess that I call my sewing room.
We had to make name bracelet for her and her baby sister.
Didn't get a picture of that.
They came out and checked the internet yesterday , very weak signal! Another man then came out and climbed the pole and came to the door and  said we had a part flooded with rain water so he replaced that. Maybe it will stay on now.
It had been going off any time it wanted to.
They brought me back some bandage stuff , bless them . My babies are so sweet.
And Eli is my baby , he has my eyes!

Monday, June 18, 2018


Hi friends!
Tommy had a good one , all his daughter's came to see him.
I gave Missy her quilt!
She loved it! Lots of memories sewed into this quilt.
We had a bad storm yesterday. Tonia and Bobby  had to turn around below us and come another way because of a tree in the road.
Our power didn't go out but every thing else did . Not internet ,TV or phone except for our cells. Power was off in town and trees down every where.
They finally got our t v back on this morning, Tommy called them as soon as he got up!
So happy hubby!
They are coming out today to check every thing because our's went out before the storm got here and they were working on it when it  hit

This is what I was cutting before I cut my finger! Cutting many layers so that when I started to trim that tiny block I put my weight behind it! May have just nicked it if I hadn't been putting so much pressure on it.
I have been slowly sewing them into blocks but haven't trimmed any of them.
We start changing my bandage tomorrow! Go back in two weeks!
Have a good one

Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi Friends!
We had 12 last night but missed the ones that didn't get to come. Sis on the right after shoulder surgery! Tommy was our chauffeur.
Bonnie's new quilt, Isn't it beautiful?
Diann made her hubby a lap quilt.
They learned to do this one month that I missed. Isn't that cute!
Susan standing, Bonnie, Liz and Barbara Gail.
The backing for the veteran's quilt. we drawed his name last night from a list that Glenda Got up for us. And  the winner   was my brother-in-law!
Didn't even know he was on the list.
Going to carry my featherweight next month to sew all our blocks together and then send it to a quilter with a big machine.
We will present it in Nov. I think is when they decided .
Glenda had brought a big bag of fabric for us to use so we all got us some of that. Then Iva nell brought out a big bag so we divided that up.
Two ladies from south Ga. brought it to us.
When trouble got there she had us some cutting gloves! After I paid 22 dollars for mine. and some new blades for our rotary cutter.
I went with magazines to give away and some fudge and came home with two bags full of things.
Better than a quilt shop!
Have a great weekend friends!

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Hi Friends!
I have had these forever but just never use them but they sure beat being stick by a pin!
My tiger lilies are still going strong!
We went this morning and got some home grown tomato's at Cooks.
They are turning so maybe a tomato sandwich tomorrow!
My basket hanging on the back porch, Tommy added a rubber snake because a bird wanted to nest
in it.
He threaded it in there good.
It's the basket Chris and Amy got me for mother's day.
Got my DNA back that they gave me for mother's day to, yesterday and I am 70% British!
How could that be? Called Chris and he wasn't that much but he said after your grandparents you had to pay more to go further
Not going to happen! .
Hugs sweet friends

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Hi friends!
This is my first cast in my 76 years!
I should have told them I wanted to keep it!
When she took  the stitch's out it started bleeding, meaning it had attached it's self back. It may be a little numb but I could feel her cleaning the dried blood off for the Dr. so he  could see it.
I worried and did a lot of praying because you know how E R's are   Slow!
It took for every for them to put it on ice. I guess it took a specialist!
We got home yesterday after my  Dr apt. and I started a new book ,
after I posted and never got back on the internet.
Not many books hold my attention like that.
I may do a little sewing but no trimming until I can get that finger into my new glove.
Cutting nearly seven years and it finally got me!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Hi friends!
Big improvement!
Was glad to get rid if that cast!
When she took out the stitch's my part i cut off started bleeding! A great sign that it is attached.
Dr. was very pleased!
But Tommy has to wash dishes and mop for another few weeks. Nothing but clear water can touch it.
Just thankful It worked because he didn't think it would.

Falling trees

Hi friends!
We had a pretty good storm yesterday!
After not getting rain for a few days, just not enough for the garden to get dry, It poured and I was sitting in a chair near the window closest to all those branch's.
One day that hugh tree is coming down to!
Tommy keeps thinking about having it took down but it cost so much to do that and then your power bill goes up!
It's not even rotten! Another one in the edge of the woods fell, just not close to the house
Most of those trees last over a hundred years and this one is 80 something.
Yesterday Tommy had a Dr apt and I forgot to post a comment so I would get the emails. I have read them and will be sure to fix it today.
Hope to get goods news! If I do will post again today!

Monday, June 11, 2018


Hi friends!
Got me a cutting glove so hopefully it want happen again!!!!
Can't get this cast in there but maybe soon..
When we moved over here and Tommy started mowing the bank I moved as many of these tiger lily's as I could.
The bank was covered.
Put them all around the pump house. Them planted some Iris's and they have pushed them a side.
We got a little shower yesterday, just the edge! These showers are dumping 2 inch's at a time so was glad to get just a little.
Wouldn't get anther shot like this in a million years.
Have a good one.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Around Here

Hi friends!
This is the star I was working on when I cut my finger. Told Tommy I could finish it because I can't cut my finger now!
Tommy fixing the tin roof of our barn, a storm bent it backwards. This was back a few weeks ago. The ladder just wouldn't work! He does love his tractor! It is a great help, another pair of hands sometimes.
Yellow Finch's on their feeder. I feed them and hummingbirds!
Tried feeding bigger birds but they want to eat up your garden. Tommy defiantly doesn't like that!
Have a great week end

Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Track

Hi friends!
Tommy keeps my walking trail cut and last night he tided my shoes so that I could walk while he cut. Dr. said I could walk and read.
The wild roses are just about gone.
Our dogs were glad to see me but don't know what to make of my hand.
We have laws here that you keep them in a pin or on  a leach but ours got to big for us to hold back years ago and they head straight for the road when we let them out. In my childhood dogs roamed free and we didn't have a race track for a road. So many of our dogs have been run over here.
People come down our road as fast as they can! We also have a herd of deer and one day the two will meet, just a matter of time.
 Just waiting for the o k from the Dr., go back next Tuesday.