Friday, July 20, 2018


Hi friends!
So much running around this week that there has been little or no sewing.
Made this string block last night.
I have been working a little on some thing I can't post about until it's delivered.
Picked these last night! Was going to make salsa but can't find the stuff I usually use to make it so will give them to family.
Did get what I needed in town so I could work on a few things.
More next week.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Loose Ends

Hi friends!
Yesterday was one of those days where nothing worked right. Didn't want to go to town but every thing I tried to do needed something bought.
This is a week Of  Dr's!  Monday we went to Rome and Tommy had his ultra sound , then we saw his vascular Dr.
A full day.
Yesterday he needed to see Dr. Jeff but he was closed so today we go see him and tomorrow I go see a Rome.
To much Dr.'s!
W aren't used to seeing so many Dr's in one week.
Found this block, May need to make some more of them!
Like I don't have enough going on at one time.
Need to make a backing for this, got my battening last Friday for it and Tonia's.
Maybe after Dr. visit tomorrow I can settle down to some serious work.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Christmas in July bloghop

Hi friends!
This is my project that I have been working for this hop.
Today is my day for "Christmas In July Blog Hop" that is the brain child of Carol  Swift of  Justletmequilt.
You can click on her blog name or on the Christmas In July picture on the side of my post to visit her.
A friend Carol  of the blog  BeadsandBirds sent me this panel of the nativity scene and I decided to do it for my main project.
I still have to finish the manger and some cushions for Mary and other to sit or stand on. But I should finish them by Christmas!
Some older things I have done.
This is a falling charm Christmas quilt I made a couple of years ago.
I stays in my living room all year long because I love Christmas.
This is a snow man Dresden plate I made a few years ago for kim, my red haired step-daughter.
This is the one I made for us!  Dresden Quilt with pillow shams and a hugh Christmas pillow.
And for a good friend that lost her husband of many years and who is now fighting for her life I made this Artic Star quilt.
Made a few more but they are for another day. Happy Christmas in July
My giveaway will be four fat quarters, just leave a comment saying how you follow my blog.
Go and read all the blogs and enter all the giveaways.  Help us enjoy our Christmas In July BlogHop
Have fun.


Hi friends!
Five of these last week!
Two more I hadn't shown.

I finished Michael's and Ashley's quilt top over the weekend.
Sat. morning the mailman brought this beautiful table topper from  Julie Rose , made my day brighter!

Now I am ready for Christmas. Tomorrow is my day for Carol swift of "Justletmesew" For our
" Christmas in July" blog hop HERE
The hop started yesterday , please join in , you will enjoy it
Have a good one

Friday, July 13, 2018


Hi friends!
Charlotte showing how to store bobbins.
Bonnie showing a block she made. Hand-stitched!
The lady on her left is Jean a new member. I worked with her twenty some years ago.
Susan Showing a top.
Labels for our veteran's quilt for us to pick.
Diann brought a bingo game for us to win the fat quarters that we bring each month.
Working on the veteran's quilt we are making.
We had a great time , the best bunch of quilting friends.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Want Be Long

Hi friends!
Starting the last row of Michael and Ashley's quilt.
Made some more half tri-angles.
Soon I will have several quilt tops finished , hoping my finger is up to quilting in a few days. Right now it's still sore so I am waiting.
Don't know whether I will ever have feelings in that piece of finger but maybe!
It's still a little swelled!
Still making stars for Anna's quilt. Soon I can put it together.
Have a good one

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Quilt

Hi friends!
Thought I would keep that box next to my machine and sew up a couple of these every now and then.
So now I have two done, maybe another two before the weekend.
In a couple of months I will have another quilt.
My big camera flash is getting weak, It flash's maybe two times and then It dies and it's dark where I have my quilt wall.
So all my color's hanging on there are a little darker than It appears.
On Michael's and Ashley's quilt the pink shine in real life but with this camera they fade.
See!  It's really pretty fabric and it shows good to your eye but fades with this camera.
My Rose of Sharon.

My crepe myrtle!

My mimosa.
We still have lots of pretty blooms.
This is all that has made it in our garden ,the rain made the weeds take over every thing else. We got a hand full of squash before it just quit bearing and what it did have rotted on the vine. We may get some cucumbers.  There are some babies out there..
Have a good one

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Hi friends!
Worked some on Michael's and Ashley's quilt.
Added that row of blue..
I plan on doing the solid in sky blue . I have plenty of that fabric.
Yesterday I emptied another tote.
This one is about double the size of the first one.
Added a bunch of strips to my box.
I packed it all down and added lots more.
But my cutting table looked like this:
That box had lots of stuff in it.
Well I  cut and put squares in a bag and added more strips to my box.
When I got finished it looked like this again.
Made a star for Anna's quilt and called it quits for the day.

Monday, July 9, 2018


Hi friends!
Yesterday I pulled a small tube off the back porch and emptied it.
Lots of strips already cut from other quilt plus smaller then fat quarters pieces to cut into strips.
My box that I got to put them into.
I think I need a bigger box, because I was going to pull another box today! Though I would do another strip quilt in my spare time plus clean out some tote's that have piled up on our enclosed porch.
Made two of these for Anna's quilt. Just alike.
Pulled a muscle in my back Sat so not much done yesterday. Though I would have to go to the Dr. but Its whole lot better today.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Coming Soon

Hi friends!
My day for the "Christmas in July blog hop is the 24th.
This picture is a tease for one of the things I am doing.
Carol of just let me quilt fame is our leader . I encourage everyone to join. These are great fun.
Like I said my day is the 24th of this month.
Hope you enjoy our many different projects and I will be having a giveaway.
Don't forget and read all our Christmas blogs then,.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Michael and Ashleys Quilt

Hi friends!
I needed three more green blocks so I made them yesterday.
I had six made and I sewed those together. After I made the other three I had nine, which is what I needed.
See I am being careful!
Nine makes plenty of over hang.
This much on each side.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Anna's Quilt and other things

Hi friends!
Worked on Anna's Quilt a little yesterday,. We had a quit forth and just stayed at home.
A good friends and my sister-in-laws Aunt that died a couple of years ago had left a lot of quilt tops and her son had told me he would bring me some.
He came yesterday .
Isn't this beautiful!
This one to!
She brought me some flowers to.

I had been wanting some of these and while getting my hair cut Vivian said she would bring me some. She was our friend's daughter-in-law.
It was so hot yesterday Tommy couldn't breathe out there so he just stayed inside.
Maybe it will be better soon.
Cool front is suppose to come thru today late.
It hopefully will be less humid..