Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Remember this?

Hi friends!
I made this tree skirt a few months ago.
We put our tree up and miracles do happen, it light up.
This is out third or fourth year of using it and that's is a miracle that it all still works.
It's a little crocked but I will work on it all day , Fluffing!
I like to get it fluffed out good before I start hanging things on it.
This was what we saw Sunday night when Tommy looked out.
Blue lights every where.
A girl had wrapped her truck around our neighbors tree, they had to cut her out.
We haven't heard any thing else because the state boys are in charge of it and it takes forever for them to make a report.
Have a good one

Monday, December 5, 2016

Table runner

Hi friends!
I am still working on Christmas table runners, this is for my daughter.
I finished quilting and put the binding on.
A finish!

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Finish!

Hi friends!
I finally finished Margaret's wreath.
Just got back from carrying it to her.
This is the one I started back in the spring.
It looks different in different rooms, the lighting I guess.
I still have my Christmas table runner to finish and another that I cut out.
This one will be on my table soon.
This one to!
For my birthday Colette sent me this:
See they cookie cutter , It's a man on a tractor. I love it and look what one of my step daughter's got me !
Sugar cookie mix.
Can't wait to make some cookies with these!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Hi friends!
My high-text name picker.
He pulled Margaret's name. She needs prayers for her brother who is in the hospital.
She has been in touch so I will package it up and send it soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hi friends!
Our cake maker!
Kim always makes the prettiest and best cakes.
We always have way to much food!
Good to see them coming.
Hugs Babs

Monday, November 21, 2016


Hi friends!
My birthday is this month so I am having a birthday giveaway.
Six fat quarters of quilting cotton!
Just leaves a comment and tell me how you follow . It's for my followers that I dearly love, I have the best!
I will pull a winner next Monday.
I put all of the remaining  3borders on and sense the third border is white I had to wait until I got some more today . I don't have backing for it , will finish it after Thanksgiving..
Posting may be hit or miss this week since I will be cooking and cleaning until Thursday and then Thanksgiving for two days , Thursday and Friday.
Have a great Thanksgiving

Friday, November 18, 2016

One side of the next border

Hi friends!
I though about doing the next border like this! Wouldn't take long!
But I didn't like it so I changed to this...
I like this much better. just will take longer.
I got one side done!
Maybe I will get this border done this weekend.
I ordered from Jo-Ann's and got Christmas red and some snowmen.
The other is some fusible interfacing. All things I needed for Christmas gifts.
Our Jessie and her husband Richard came and eat breakfast with us this morning.
She took her turkey table runner home with her.
I have the best Grand's!
She graduates College this July so I am planning on making her another quilt for that.  She is 22 and a sweetie.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hi friends!
This is the bad part making your edges straight.
One three inch white border!
That's the first one , the second one will be harder to do.

It's so dry that the ground is pulling back from the cement every where around the house. Leaving little caves below!
We stayed at home yesterday so Tommy could clean his truck, He bought it new in 97 and it had to go to the truck hospital today. we got up early so I could follow him over there!
He is very attached to it.
Have a good one

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Now Borders!

Hi friends!
When it got bigger I started pinning a row on the top and bottom so I could sew two down each trip to the sewing machine.
When I got this far I added up the borders and this part and I have done just enough for a king sized quilt. So today maybe I will get at least part of the three borders on.
I have plenty of fall for a queen sized but the borders should give me 104 on one a  little less from top to bottom.
Since Amy picked it out she should like it. She just saw a smaller version earlier that I made for my father's only living sister. No brothers , Just sweet Geneva his brother's wife that I made one for. Out of a family of 15 kids.
Have a good one
I am starting around and making all my grand's a quilt again and our 6 kids one.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

More rows!

Hi friends!
I went back to work on this quilt !
I finished this one on my other blog.
Hoping to give it away today.
Was hoping I was further along but it still needs some more rows.
So last night I made 4 or 5 more rows to add today.
I always use my feather weight to piece my quilts.Wish me luck that with these it will just need a border.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Table Runner

Hi friends!
I played with this Sat.
I know I need to get busy and make my Christmas but this got my attention
I am going to finish this and use it myself but when I make it again their will be some adjustments made. All I like is the hanger on the third ornament , sandwiching and quilting.
The ornaments are just to big!
I also made another couple of runs of tumblers so I am doing a little along on my Christmas list!
See how it looks , and it will be even bigger when I add the borders.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hi friends!
Didn't have time to blog yesterday!
This is a total hand stitched and hand quilter quilt for Jo Ann's grand.
The blonde is Jo Ann. Our teacher didn't show up so we just talked a while and Jo Anne brought this when she got off of work.
I think she got off at 6.
Iva'Nell held this up so i could get a good picture of the hand quilting!
There was only 7 that came , my sis is on vacation.
That's the back, some of the fabric was the same as the front. Iva"Nell is sitting on this picture. Dianne and Charlotte and Jo Ann standing!
We don't meet again until Jan. And Iva'Nell has surgery the third of Jan so i don't guess she will be there then. Maybe after Christmas i can get mine done after that. She said last month that we could make them on the machine.
I was just trying to decide if that was after she saw all our hand stitching.
If not many shows up we will make more blocks, Charlotte had made two so i guess we all will.
Have a great day

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Now and Then

Hi friends!
The G-Gs decorated Missy with stickers off of the tomato's!
Abby cleaning up after Kelly makes her a plate.
Of course this was during our hard time! People covered us up with food!
I got all these apart while helping Tommy put plastic over the windows on the enclosed porch.
I put tape on and held things for him!
Big help right but was having a bad day and needed to be with him!
I have put together one more 20 row and a half row of Tumblers.
Dawn gave me that pattern so i ordered the ruler  with a little help from Colette , so now i have something to make as gifts for Christmas. The charm pack is for a Christmas quilt.
Still trying to get a little sewing in every day.
Tonight is Q-Bees so i will post about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Falling apart

Hi friends!
This fell off my machine yesterday, my big machine. It's plastic , Would it hold  with super glue?
It's off my brother!
It has another and that's what i am using.
I will say one thing about the election! They all say freedom of religion but a woman was put in jail because her religion told her not to sign a marriage licence!
Watched until 1;30 last night!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hi friends!
See the fall? I plan on white and then a strip of white and color going all the way around so this should be plenty of enough fall for a king sized quilt.
I don't like this!
My lights and dark's are not lining up so i guess i will rip it all apart and redo it.
Wish i had really looked at it before now!
But i was just mindlessly sewing.
Oh well i can do that while i watch the news with Tommy.
Lost it in the kitchen this morning , could just see the girls wanting pringles, They always took me by the hand and lead me to where grand-paw keep his pringles.
Hugs Babs