Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Prayers

Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow Day

Hi friends!
You'll have seen this picture of my nice green garden before , just now it's white!
We got up to snow this morning after weather men said it would not snow on us!
I think they may have been wrong!
Tommy put the tree up for me to decorate Wednesday!
I still need to add something on top and maybe a few more things.
See Dawn I put those under the tree!
going to sew and enjoy this snow.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Log Cabin

Hi Friends!
My last six blocks!
Sewed together and pinned on!
Now i need to add borders on both sides!
It's 98 inch's long and that's a Calif. king! Just need more on the sides.
I ordered some Monday deals that just got here. The blue is for Jarrod's quilt that I will start after I finish this one.
Hope to have two done by the end of Jan.
Jarrod and Allison were born just a few days apart. Allie want's grey and turquoise , to match her room. I ordered some turquoise half yards for her's. Get some grey later.
Got to finish some Christmas sewing first.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Log Cabin

Hi friends!
Sewing rows and then sewing them together one at a time. Lots of walking because our bedroom is a few rooms away from my sewing room.
Laying each row out to make sure every block is in the right spot!
Still need one more at the bottom but i will need to make one more block. Two were a littler small so I will use them on the pillow shams.
Need to get to work! we spent Monday in  town so didn't get much done but worked on it yesterday.
Have a good cold day friends!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Log Cabin Quilt

Hi friends!
These are not sewed together ! Just laying it out so i can see the pattern.
I have the 93 when i get them sewed together! but not the 104 and if i made two more rows to go down each side i would run out of it would be a good 10 inch's to wide. so i am thinking about a strip of white , a stripe of batiks and another small strip of white.
Can't think of any thing else that i have enough fabric to go all the way around.
I will study on it for a while.
Raining here today.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Log Cabin Quilt

Hi friends!
Made four more and i think this just might do it,  46 blocks i think!
This is going to be the middle!
Got to finish by the seventeenth of this month!
Not together yet but you get the idea!
Lots more to do to finish king size!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Nov. Finish's

Hi friends!
Don't forget this giveaway! HERE
I may pull a winner on Sunday so maybe I can get it in the mail on Monday.
The only finish I have for Nov. that i can post about is Marks
I have some more but want post them until after Christmas. They are Christmas presents!


Hi Friends!
I did these Wednesday!
Yesterday I had a app. with my retina Dr., hoping he would say see you in a year.
Wasn't expecting what he said at all!
When he finished pushing the skin around my eye all the way to the back of my skull he said " You will have to have surgery if you don't want to go blind"!
He said that I could have lazor surgery and it might do what was needed.
I asked if he did it in the office he said yes but was booked up until later yesterday afternoon.
So we went and eat and came back. Went to Long Horn for my Birthday lunch.
He did it in ten minutes!
Now since they are closing that office until the second week of Jan. I will have to go to their offices in Chattanooga in a couple of weeks.
For post op visit!
And all I wanted was to quit going to Dr's!!!!!
Seems like that's all I have done since the first of the year.
Oh well it could be much worse.
Mine is just a small problem compared to others.
My blessing's are many.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New to me machine

Hi friends!
My loot! And this is nothing compared to the books i bought!
The fat quarter's are for Q-Bees , we pile a certain color up every month and they draw a winner and they all go home with that person. I won them a couple of months ago.
I know blue is Jan.'s color so i got one! And pink and yellow comes in there to!
The yardage of dark blue is for Jarrod's quilt.
I will start it soon! I plan on buying some turquoises and grey soon for Allie's quilt. Both of their birthdays are in Jan. so maybe i can finish both in Jan!
I got nearly two yards of the snowman and 50 % of the nearly a yard.
Someone said there was a great sale at Jo-anns , maybe! Didn't help me!
This is the machine my Son brought me!
No Bobbin case! Or bobbins! Cindy Peters is looking to see if she has one i can buy!
I hope so!
Can't wait to see on this!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Last Friday

Hi Friends!
Don't forget my giveaway....HERE
This is my Addie with the plus quilt that i made for her birthday. Her birthday is in Jan. One early! Yah!
Right to left Brandon, Addie ,Chris , my son And Amy my daughter in love.
This was made Friday , my birthday.
This is Tatum with her college colors quilt. And pillow sham!
I think they liked them !
Tatum's birthday was the week before Thanksgiving.
Eli and Howard , my brother. Eli and His brother Mark Anthony both cooked turkeys!
Of course we had to much food but it was great getting most every one together.
Mel and Greg didn't come because he had just got out of the hospital and Clint and Shammah didn't because she had surgery the week before.
Michael had late classes in D.C. on Wed. so he didn't come and Anna had to work.
We missed the ones that couldn't be here.
Our youngest Shania! A walking doll!
Not the best picture but this is Mark with his red and yellow quilt, he loved it.
I will post pictures of the quilts, Marks any way Friday.since i finished the girls last month.
Have a good one

Monday, November 27, 2017


Hi friends!
Last Friday was my birthday so I am having a giveaway for all my great followers.
Eight fat quarters!
You know my way of having them, just be a follower.
In a month i will have another one for my blog anniversary.
We had a great two days for Thanksgiving.
Tommy's kids on Thanksgiving and mine the day after and Yah... Friday was my birthday so I got to spend time with my kids.
Doesn't hit like that that often.
I will draw a winner next week and let you know.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Hi friends!
This is after i pulled 8 from my wall ! I made these 12 Sat.for Total 22 because I took these down and have started on the next wall full.
Did a lot of This to this past weekend.
We stayed at home except for going to church and I got a bunch done.
I finished binding this quilt a few minutes  ago.
This is the one I finished this morning. Better pictures later.
I want be posting again this week but will be back next Monday.
Have a great Thanksgiving with all your family! Michael want be her , he has classes !

Friday, November 17, 2017

Work for the Weekend

Hi friends!
Got this one ironed yesterday.
 Maybe i can get it quilted this weekend.
I am trying to do at least two or more log cabin blocks every day so yesterday put the eight up and started making them again.
Got my next three done!
yesterday all i did was go get a haircut so should have gotten more done. But it was my night to mop and clean. At least i got finished with that and today i feel awful! Maybe i did to much! I can hear my mom saying that!
Drinking a cup of tea hoping to get some energy.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eight Blocks

Hi friends!
We ran around yesterday so i didn't think I would get any sewing done.
But last night I made a few more blocks.
We went to Rome for my drivers licences but before we went I got on their site and filled out my paper work and it just took a minute. I did the eye test and had my picture done , ugly as usual and paid ! Lots better than last time.
We came back and paid out taxes , car and property and ran a bunch of errands and bought groceries.
By the time we got home it was to late to go to the meeting where they gave our quilt to the winner and then they were going to give the 390.00 we raised to the fire dept.
I guess their will be pictures in the paper. I will post them when I see them.
On the Dr. yesterday morning , they said that drinking English breakfast tea would help you lose weight. So bough some and tried it !
I think it has lots of caffeine. I didn't tire and was able to sew after all that running around.
We will see about the lose weight thing!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Log Cabin Blocks

Hi friends!
I cut mostly yesterday and made little piles of parts on top of a lid to a tote.
Added a few and sewed those together and ironed them. Cut a few more.
I have five completed but trying to speed up the process.
Got way to much to do before Christmas.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Quilt

Hi friends!
I see one out of these four that i will have to redo.
I laid it over, how i don't know!
I am going to have to set me up a system and do them one section at a time.
Yesterday the mail man brought me these.
I won them on facebook! From
In case you can't read that it says Pelenna Patchworks from the UK.Its called the Chievely fat quarter pack!
Beautiful fabrics. and it came really fast to be coming across the ocean.
We went yesterday and picked up Tommy's new glasses. and the our fall colors are vanishing fast.
Lots of leaves have already fallen.