Monday, October 16, 2017

Mark's Quilt

Hi friends!
Started working on Mark's quilt, trying out different blocks.
He wanted red and yellow in his quilt. I sent him a picture of these fabrics and he liked them.
He graduated this past May and he is in college and works evenings.
Friday  Tommy's cousin came by on his way to Blue Ridge to spend the week with his sister and they will all come down here Wed. for a family dinner.
Some of the family came over to see him because they have to work Wed.
So i may blog tomorrow but i want Wed.
We have a great time together for our family reunion.
Look at the pretty layer cake i ordered from Missouri Star. All the fabric's are great!
You know some times you will buy one and two or three are pretty and the rest is blah!
This is full of beautiful fabric.
It's Robert Kaufman.
Now just have to decide what to make with it.
Have a good one

Friday, October 13, 2017


Hi friends!
This is a quilt that Fay has had a while that some one else quilted.
Carolyn and Diann are looking at it. That's Susan and Bonnie to the right.
Charlotte and Gladys. Gladys is our person that makes us all laugh. She brightens our day!
Vickie is binding our quilt that we are saleing chances on.
Vickie is our hand sewing expert! She is making a completely hand sewed king size quilt for a lady in Texas.
Diann's Wheelchair quilt!
We had a great time, even through Dejoyla has quit, said she had to much to do.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This and that

Hi friends!
Finished up with the black yesterday , took it to spread it out and will have to put my black thread back on!
A couple of spots had to be taken out!
Jack the ripper time!
I had already took off my black!
Look what came in the mail this morning!
I won it a few days ago over on this blog  HERE from Susan of My mother's apron strings. She make's the greatest aprons , Wonderfully sewed and  beautiful.
Have a good one

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mushrooms and a topper

Hi friends!
This is what i was working on! Just love this fabric so made a simple table runner out of it.
See! Just love Christmas scenes.
I used a gold and cream piece for the binding so it wouldn't take away from the scene.
We have these all over our  yard!
Back and front! I though they were from to much rain but we didn't get any for a few weeks and then it rained , just 2 inch's, and these popped up every where.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hi friends!
Worked on this a while yesterday! Still not finished!
Sandwiched this but it's not ironed yet.
Isn't this beautiful fabric?
a simple project i am working on.
The tree's are starting to turn here in Georgia.
Wondering if it will turn off cold or if we will have another mild winter?
Been reading a lot more , finished this up yesterday.
This was a strange read but pretty good ! "How to Murder Your Mother-In-Law" by Dorothy Cannell

Monday, October 9, 2017

Tatum's Quilt top

Hi friends!
I added some cream and then this zigzag row near the bottom .
With cream on the sides and then on the top.
Added rose on the top and bottom.
On the sides and it's a twin long!
Next Sandwiching. Have a good one

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Finish

Hi friends!
Finally finished the last wheelchair quilt.
This one cost me lots of band-aids! I still have a sore on one finger!
Very glad to finish this one. We have our q-bees meeting next week and i will turn in the last four.
Hope the quilt we made earlier is bond so we will have a date to tell people when the drawing will be.
We though we would raise a little money for the local fire department.
I ran across a bargain a few days ago.
Got of Quilted Twins site and found some Christmas fabric for 1.99, can't beat that so i ordered two yards. They had lots for 3.99 so i ordered two yards of one of those.
The one on the right is the 1.99 a yard fabric.
You know i love Christmas fabric!
Have a great weekend

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hi friends!
I started quilting this yesterday, may take me a few days. Looks like my hand is still in that glove!
Later i played around with a Christmas table runner.
Just started it! I laid out some fabric to see what it might go with.
Like this and This. Two different looks!
I will work on it some more today! It will be a birthday present.
Our newspaper has a picture of Clair with a fireman on the front page today! They did a visit to pre-k four days before the fire.
Really miss them! Prayers please
We got up early and went to my retina Dr., he said it was much better and to come back in two months.
Tommy thinks  my eye was rejecting that foreign object in there. I think it may have been high blood pressure because it's been higher since last year. My Dr. has changed my med's so maybe it will get better.
Of course the Dr.'s want tell you a thing but i have 20/20 again and last month it was 20/25.
It mess's with your colors when you are buying fabric with a yellow tinge making the colors look different. Good thing Sis was with me when i bought fabric for Tatum's quilt!
My white kitchen floor has a yellow tinge when i just look with my left eye.
Have a good one

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Quilts Here

Hi friends!
I used a jelly roll to make my binding.
The first and last wheelchair quilt.
I quilted around each white spot on the quilt and a double line around where the border is attached.
Trimmed up all around and sewed some of the binding down last night.
Should finish it by tonight. Yesterday i ironed Addie's quilt.
Need to start quilting it to.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tatum's Quilt

Hi friends!
Over the weekend i took my rose and cream fabric that i bought for Tatum's Quilt and turned it into this.

First i put all the pieces up on the quilt wall until i had them where i wanted them.
Then sewed them together.
This is to be the center of Tatum's college quilt. Rose and cream are the colors for the Oklahoma Sooner's. It's going to be a long twin because that's the size beds they have at college.
We both felt so bad yesterday that I made some hamburger veggie soup and that's what we had for supper.
It has yellow corn bread in it. Ever since Kim brought over supper that time and she had yellow cornbread we have used it with our soup. It brought back memories for Tommy of his grand mother's corn bread.
I think his grand mother's was fresh made from corn but can't find that any more.
Better this morning but Tommy's back isn't! That weed eater got him!
Dr. Jeff here we come!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Addie's Quilt

Hi friends!
Sat. i made two pillow shams for Addie's quilt.
They match her quilt.
I also sandwiched her quilt.
Haven't ironed it yet but will today.
I still haven't found any thing i love for binding for this.
I am still looking! i finished hand quilting it this weekend. I quilted around each white spot and a double row around the border.
Not the greatest but hopefully it will do.
Tommy was sick yesterday and i am having a rough time with this rag weed but hopefully we will get better soon.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September finish's

Hi friends!
Finished up this one!
Finished these three!
This is the one that gave me trouble!
Made these!
Cute little puppy dog prints.
Haven't sandwiched Addie's Quilt but hope to get to it today.