Thursday, July 20, 2017

Slow Day

Hi friends!
Still working on this!
I started quilting yesterday and we had company so after they left I quilted some more.
Should get finished today and maybe get the binding sewed on.
Being a queen it takes a while and I make lots of stops.
Watching Jenny as I sew!

Quilting on this! It's boring for readers when all you are doing is quilting by machine or hand.
Have a good one.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wayne's quilt

Hi friends!
I worked on quilting this yesterday.
May have nearly half of it done. His birthday is next Monday.
I started hand quilting on the Q-Bee's nursing home quilt. I couldn't do it with out a frame so I looked for one my mother in law had here that is stout.
I bough one at a quilt shop last year but it's not strong enough to hold it.
I made this for a good friend of mine! She loved it.

Lined it with a flowered fabric.
It's kind of boring when I am quilting, because I do it for a while then stop so my arms and shoulders rest.
Have a good one

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Busy Weekend

Hi friends!
Secret sewing!
I finished quilting and binding the vintage farm quilt.
At least one finish this month! I will post more later of this quilt.
I sandwiched Wayne's Quilt and have ironed it so it's ready to start quilting.
My kitchen sink quilt.
Finally I sandwiched this little quilt but I have to hand quilt it so it may be Thanksgiving before I finish it!
Thinking about making another and quilting it on the machine since I have enough of the backing left for another. Using flannel for backing.
I really worked over the weekend.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Jessie's pinning

Hi friends!
We went Friday to Jessica's pinning. It was way off the beaten path and I had to call my daughter to get directions.
That's Jessie on the far right.
There was two males in the class !
When she got her pin!
Giving flowers to her husband , mother and me .
She worked and went to school the whole time, Got married two years ago some would have quite but she finished!
We are so proud of her.
 Our beautiful baby.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Hi friends!
We had our July meeting of the Q-Bee's last night. They were watching Dejoyla hand quilt because they joined a little latter than the rest.
She gave a very interesting discussion on color.
This is Bonnie's , she hand stitch's every quilt she makes, hand makes the blocks and hand quilts them.
This is Bonnie and another one of her quilts.
This is Gladys, Beautiful!
Charlotte's Nursing home quilt pattern. She had shoulder surgery so is just now starting back with  her sewing
 Dianne Finished her wall hanging.
This is her nursing home quilt, lovely!
As part of the color presentation she had us draw squiggle's with our eyes closed  and then color them.
Coloring and I don't get along!
Faye has already finish one quilt for the nursing home. Beautiful!
until next time

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Hi friends!
I also found out a couple of days ago that Wayne does not like the falcons or sports. So I put all his blocks up and pulled out all my blocks that I just made for no reason. It should be very colorful!
I was trying to find a non frilly border for it and though about   this but looks like I need to keep looking.
It may not be frilly but it really doesn't look like it will work with this.
I need some thing bright, it not finished just about half way . But his birthday is less than two weeks and I must finish it by then.
I'm still plugging away with this to and I need to look for binding for it. Should be finished soon.
Have a good one

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Bag

Hi friends!
Last night i decided i wanted a bag to carry my stuff to Q-Bee's.
Some one had sent me one but i looked and looked and couldn't find it.
Cut two pieces of fabric and another two for the lining and sandwiched it and quilted them.

Then sewed then together! Made we two skinny straps and placed then where i wanted them added a two inch strip on top of them and sewed them down putting extra stitches into where the straps were pinned.
then flipped it over pinned it fold into down where it was fairly even and sewed over the bottom and then around the top.
All packed and ready for our meeting tomorrow.
Some one who will remain anonymous sent me this cow bag that holds all my little stuff, plus my quilt top for our project and a fat quarter for a game.
All ready!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Followers GIVEAWAY

Hi friends!
We haven't had a giveaway since Christmas. I love my follower so want to share some fabric with one of you.
I have the very best followers and some of you are my best friends, we go through tough times and good times together and pray for each for other.
This blogging thing is a great thing. you meet friends from all over the world and help each other in quilting and other things as well.
And i have the best friends  in this whole wide world.
Mostly quilting friends but some that just loves quilts and think they can't quilt.
Rules , be a follower and leave a comment saying how before Next Tuesday.
Six fat quarters 100% cotton!
Be sure and leave me a comment!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Quilting and Planing

Hi friends!
I finally got my light so now I can see to quilt my vintage farm girl quilt.
My gloves that I bought years ago  got so stretched they would slide off my hands so I am using gardening gloves.
They work just fine.
I put some blocks together on Wayne's quilt. Then I talked to him on face book and asked him if he wanted what I had though about putting on his quilt and he said yes!
I looked and looked for a panel for teen age games but didn't find anything so I am putting his name in the middle and a little something else.
I will start on that when I take a brake from quilting .
Much work to do today because Wayne's birthday is the last day of this month.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Q-Bees Quilt

Hi friends!
I finally got it right!
Picked the border!
This should be bright enough!
Trimmed some blocks for Wayne's quilt. I have been looking for a panel for the middle but haven't found any thing.
If I find something this might be enough for a queen sized quilt.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Hi friends!
Do you see what I did?
I noticed at 2:30 during the night and just grabbed a ripper and ripped  it apart .
And it's still laying there!
Maybe I will have time to put it back later today.
I sewed this together and it lays flat.
Got this yesterday from Mabel Designs , a etsy shop and she sent me a free roll of ribbons.
Going to make pillows for Missy for a late birthday present . Her birthday was in Feb.!
All I like now  is Abby's and her birthday is in Nov.
I am so behind!
It has rained every day for over a week. Tommy is about crazy because the grass and ground is so wet he can't mow.
If it doesn't slow down every thing in the garden is going to rot.
Cooks, where we go to get produce until ours comes in is having it rough because of the rain. Their tomato's have been rotting.
Tommy said ours have black places on them to.
Last year we couldn't buy rain now it doesn't want to stop. I feel for farmers that make a living from their produce.
Have a good one