Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Prayers

Friday, August 18, 2017


Hi friends!
I love this but when I add this , I don't.
I don't know why but just don't like it so I took it off and plan on going with the first.
I bought this and it feels much better but my stitches are still to big.
It holds onto your finger , the ones I had bought before slide right  off
my finger!
I bought some of those dots that stick to the end of your finger but have no idea where they are now.
Yesterday Tommy got his john deer and off he went , got all the main yard cut and then started behind the garden and it quit!
He was ready to shot it! But he called son-in-law Bobby and they discussed it and then he went and bought a gas filter and that fixed it .... for now!
He has replaced just about every thing on that mower!
Have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Hi friends!
My third pumpkin!
I found this fabric but as I told you yesterday I had some more here.
This would look great with it to.
This to!
I got a message from Walmart last night so we went up there.
I tried the online delivers at the store.
That should be enough to finish three quilts for 30 something dollars.
Let you know how I like it when I use it.
These are my three pumpkins!
One is shorter then the other but I though I would put it in the middle., using spider web fabric between each pumpkin.
Don't want it as long as some of my table runners because people have no room at the ends of the table to set their plates .
Still struggling along on my hand quilting!
I try to work on it for a while every night but it's slow going.
Have a good one

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hi friends!
Finished my third pumpkin!
I pulled this from my stash last night.
Looks really good with it doesn't it?
Then remembered some Halloween fabric that Sis gave me a few years ago. Going to look for that and see how that looks with it.
I made Salsa yesterday and had just got it in the canner when we had to make a fast trip to Ala. for a $1.98 bolt for the john Deer.
But after much laying on the cement floor of the porch it is fixed.  My poor hubby will be sore!

Got a few minutes sewing last night !
So I finished the pumpkin!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Handquilting and second Wheelchair Quilt

Hi friends!
 I an still working on my hand quilting. Not doing great but maybe a little better.
I joined all my middle rows and made my finish row.
Making it the same as my top row.
One finished top!
I ordered battening for it to. Should be here the last of the week. I have enough of the flannel that I bought to do the first one to do  the back of it to.
Got a comment from the warm co. yesterday, loved that she read my blog. She liked my pumpkins.
It was so nice of them to send me battening for my first wheel chair quilt.
Blogging is the greatest way to "meet" wonderful quilting people.
Have a good one

Monday, August 14, 2017

Making Pumpkins

Hi friends!
 I have been using the machine that my son-in-law found in a house he was remodeling. He called the owner and she told him to put it in the dump but he brought it to me.
It's a good little machine not real light weight like the ones they sale now.
So there is some metal inside!
I have been using it instead of my feather weight while waiting for a screw driver to fit a screw on my feather weight.
I called the feather weight shop and they got it right in the mail for me.
I made my third pumpkin  block over the week end.
Then took one and changed it into a pumpkin!
Just have one more to work the magic on and then can decide how I want to place them.
Have a good one

Friday, August 11, 2017

Pretty fabric

Hi friends!
This is Fusion Illusion by the Blank Co.
I won it last week and got it in the mail this morning.
Its 42 different colors of one fabric that has a camo look to it. It will make a great charity quilt for some one that is sick.
They sent me a layer cake and a charm pack, so all I will need is a solid color to go with it to make a quilt.
My blogger was messed up but they got it working and I am so glad
See Julie Rose where I put my butterfly's? Thank you so much , I just love it.
I did no sewing yesterday except hand quilt on my wheel chair quilt because we had company and we missed Q-Bees  . Sis called and she was going on a trip and was behind so we decided not to go plus I had company. we were siting in the living room talking when fed-x brought me that fabric.
We had to make a quick trip to Ala. to get parts for John Deer and Kim and Richard went with us. So we have a full day just didn't sew.
My feather weight stopped working Wednesday and I figured out the problem but didn't have a small enough screw driver to get it apart so I called the feather weight shop and they have already shipped one my way.
Have a great weekend friends

Hi friends!
Yesterday or the day before  blogger made pictures hugh today it want let me post pictures at all.
Wish they would get it fixed!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Hi friends!
Yesterday was our anniversary so we went to longhorn for a steak.
I had eaten just about all of it when I though to take a picture.
Back when we were working we would go to the Smokie's for our anniversary but since we aren't working we don't need to get away. Being retired is vacation all the time.
That's where we honeymooned so we would go back to the same hotel.
Now our trips are out to Chris's because it takes just about as long.
By the way their steaks are melt in your mouth!
Have a good one

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hi friends!
I added some to the wheel chair quilt, a couple more rows should do it.
I put up some more soup last night, that makes 7 Quart's and 6 pints.
Q-Bees is tomorrow  and I have been trying to hand stitch the first quilt a little each night. Not getting any where fast.
Made up one pumpkin. See Sandie?
I want to make one more orange slab and then make a pumpkin table runner out of them
It's been rainy here all week. So Tommy hasn't been able to work in the yard.
Today is our 20 anniversary so we will get a steak later today. My sweet grand Tatum came over with a friend of hers this morning and I fixed them breakfast, she took the left over biscuits home with her for her brother and Father , my son Chris.
She leaves for college next week so I was glad to hug her before she went all the way to Okla.
Of course Tommy and I both told her to head to storm shelters at any black cloud.
We will be nervous wrecks any time their is warnings out there.
I keep her and her sister as much as I could when they lived here but they moved away when Tatum was five and Addie was three.
Now all three of my son kids are driving!
Time fly's when you are having fun!
Have a good one

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Bag

Hi friends!
Tommy wanted me to make a bag that would go over my head in the case some one though they could take off with it.
So I did!
This is the way I chose to close it.
I like to carry my bag right up under my arm, I think this one is to long for that but he is convinced that it would be harder to steal like this.
I had a mostly used charm pack so I used that.
And a old boring fabric for the lining and made plenty of pockets for keys and phone .
And all they other junk we carry with us.
Just right for me and all my junk!
Maybe that will make him feel better.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Hi friends!
 Joining in with Dawn and other in orange slabs.
Thought I would make me a runner for Halloween this year.
My last one I made is getting old.
Not much of a slabber' I made a new word" as you can see and didn't have but a little orange so I ordered me some orange scraps.
Of course to me that's fat eights and fat quarters.
I plan on making one or two more and turning them into pumpkins .
My recipe!
Toasted pumpkin seeds
boil in salty water-10 minutes
drain and dry add one teaspoon oil and spread on baking sheet with a little salt
put into hot oven on 325 for 25 minutes.
Should be very good.
Have a great day