Friday, October 21, 2016


Hi friends!
These are the only two pictures i can find!
I have lost the little camera card that goes into the big card. Where i don't know! With all the cleaning i have done it may be gone forever.
I was saving it because it was full and i wanted it to download on a thumb drive so i could save it but can't find it.
It's a falling charm's quilt much like my last years Christmas quilt that i made for me.
Any way I made it this month.
I have two more finished !
I finished both of the Thanksgiving turkey table runners.
This  is Jessie's and i mailed Amy's off to her this morning.
Jessie and Richard will come one morning and eat breakfast with us and i will give her's to her.
Of course i will post pictures then.
I sandwiched Dawson's quilt and sewed the binding on but haven't made pictures or washed it yet.
So this will be my next finish
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

Hope you find your photo cards. I love your quilts!

Podunk Pretties said...

I'm sure your camera card will turn up eventually. I tend to hide things from myself when I clean too. Beautiful quilt by the way!

Rosa said...

Hope you find the cards.These quilts are super cute!

Wishing you a fun weekend. said...

Wow I am not the only one to lose stuff when I clean. Great finishes.

Needled Mom said...

Don't give up hope yet! It may still show up.

Your projects look wonderful.

margaret said...

I wonder if your card has turned up yet, like you I seeem to spend hours sesarching for that which is mislaid! Once I have downloaded my photos I save them on the lap top, a USB and an external hard drive as I do ot want to lose them but delete them from the camera.
Loving the runner and the quilt. Good t read Dawson`s qyuilt is now completed

Jen said...

HI, Barbara, Lovely to see your quilts again, Dawson will just love his quilt ,I am sure your camera card will just appear from nowhere. Beautiful Christmas table runner and quilts.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You'll find the card. I'm sure of it. sometimes I lose things that turn up years later...then I lose them again, lol. Hope that doesn't happen to you. I have been taking pictures with my phone. It takes pretty darned good pics. I save them to Drop Box. Edit them with PicMonkey. I transfer them when I get a batch, to a flash drive. But I do like those little cards to put into the TV and view pics on it.

You'll find it.
xx, Carol

Julierose said...

Whenever I re-organize and clean out my sewing stuff--first I never can find anything again--EVER!!--morale: let things stay where they are--just straighten a bit. (I have to admit I still cannot find things--they all get together and migrate somewhere hidden!! I only find them after i have given up !!)
I like that turkey runner's colors--neat...hugs and good luck Julierose

andsewon said...

Oh No! Sorry about the photo card. Hope you find it one day. My first place to look when I lose something is my trash can! ;-) All lovely projects!

Judy said...

I hope that you find it! I lose things too, and they turn up in the oddest places sometimes....Wonderful quilts that are sure to be loved and appreciated. Especially the car and tractor quilt-that's a great pattern!