Friday, September 27, 2013


 Hi friends!
Sunny day!
We went to town yesterday and afterward all i did was just piddle.
I had this flannel and though i would make me some PJ's, never wore then to bed but last year my feet and legs seem to get cold at night so i am going to give it a try.  I had bought this flannel some time last year and took apart an old pair of shorts that were to short to use for a pattern.  got them cut out .
 We went to the dollar store and got me 2 totes.  You know why!!! had to have some where to put all the fabric that i just had stacked all over that keep falling in the floor.

I did cut some squares for Michael quilt and made some tri-angles but just couldn't  get started.
Maybe i will get something done over the weekend to show you next week .
And next week i should get my Janome back Monday or Tuesday. Fingers crossed!!!
Have a great weekend friends.
Quilt happy


Chatty Crone said...

Seems you had a nice day - mine was so so.

Rosa said...

They will be very nice with this fabric.Have a fun weekend!

sewyouquilt2 said...

new jammies are always fun. heres hoping that you and Janome have a perfect reunion soon! I know how you feel. I have three machines out and only ONE will sew. and not fast at all so feel like I am crawling. but at least I am sewing.