Monday, February 3, 2014

Hunter's star

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Hi friends!
Cloudy but maybe the sun will come out later.
I googled "Hunter's' Star block and found a good  good way to do them.
Here  is a link to her blog,. Karin of Cascade quilts broke it down into tri angles.
You know me i will try anything easier so i made this block
This is the finished block, a little larger then my 12 inch ones, i think this one is 15, . I enlarged her 6 inch one a little to much
This is mine and hers side by side!!
After much though i decided i would just do the them old way, i just like them much better.
But that's a great way to make a  'hunters star' quilt . It makes a beautiful block!
I just happen to like that brown block , it has more detail
Tommy got that head cold going around , so when we visited the Dr. he gave him a Z pack to clear it up.
You know he has COPD so it's better to treat it before it gets worse.
Well now i have it!!
I knew he would "share" it with me.
Why couldn't it be riches instead of germs.
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

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