Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blake's Quilt

Hi friends!
This morning when I got up I decided I was going to sew!!!
My left eye is still blurry but it's a little better than yesterday and I am feed up.
I sandwiched this and sprayed it good and pinned so it couldn't move and sewed across it both ways.
That's all the quilting this will get because the letters are fragile and I don't want to mess with them. That's why I decided to QAUG these . I have to put interfacing on the back of each one but this one I interfaced both layers of the shirt so the blue on the back layer would show.
Going to use black beauty to do this quilt. Trim in black!
My featherweight.
I took her to Q-Bees but we didn't get any sewing done that day.
I trimmed the access all the way around . One done many more to go!
I am making this quilt 80 by88 inch's, a full size.
I am putting off sandwiching Hagen's quilt until this eye is ok. They said not to bend over or pick up heavy things and that table is heavy so maybe next week end. Tommy has been picking up and plugging in things for me but he messed up his foot so we will just wait.
Have a good one


Jeanna said...

I've never made a t-shirt quilt but love seeing others. Maybe one day I'll be inspired to give it a try.

margaret said...

good to read the eye is letting you do a bit of stitching and yes very important not to bend etc. Hope Tommy`s foot soon heals. said...

I am making a t-shirt quilt of Jeff's John Deere tractor t-shirts. I have only 4 cut out so far. Many more to go.

Lady of the Manor said...

I've never mead a t-shirt quilt so I'm interested in seeing how yours comes together. I'm glad you're fend better.