Thursday, May 25, 2017


Hi friends!
The girl on the left is my Tatum. She gradates this year and will attend Oklahoma state in their drama department in the fall.
Every since they moved out their when she was 5 or 6 she has been in plays put on by North Hall schools I think. At first they were on a collage campus but now they are on the campus of north Hall.
Hubby got around to installing our other air condition yesterday.
It's been hot but he has ben busy outside so didn't have time to install this. So at night he ran ceiling fans and that mess's with my eyes!
So I an glad he got this put in.
The last few days it's been to cool to use it.
We went to town yesterday and I got nothing done after ward , no sewing.
 But I need help on some thing.
This is the blocks that I brought home from Q-Bees. Sixteen of them and I need to make a quilt out of them.
As you can see it would be a small quilt ! How can I make it bigger?  I know I can use a border but only have two yards of the yellow for joining. Need to still use small strips to join them together? I went to Walmart where the yellow was bought and they didn't have any thing to match.
Two of the girls that attended last time is working on their two each and are suppose to bring them to me but I have heard nothing from them. If I don't hear by Monday I am thinking of calling one but I don't have the number for the other.
We wanted to finish it and Sale chances to raise money for the fire dept. in Menlo where we have our meetings.


Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you are getting your a/c in!!! It is getting hot here. The fans mess with your eyes - do they make them dry? And I don't really know how to make it bigger hope someone else knows. sandie

Ioleen said...

You can use larger joining strips with batting in them. If you haven't enough yellow if you have a gold colour, I think that would work. You can find an article for using the larger strips at a site called: The Quilting Edge. She does really beautiful work and only quilt as you go. said...

I have central air, but I am holding out. I open the windows in the evening and shut them in the morning. Oh tough choice how to make a quilt larger with limited amount of fabric.

Julierose said...

Maybe the lavender color would go with all of them--?
Hugs, Julierose

margaret said...

introducing another colour for the sashing or border is a good idea I think the purple/lavender would work well if you can find some

sewyouquilt2 said...

what about white? or gray? those "neutrals" help to make everything go together too.
what size are you trying to make out of them?

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Luckily we haven't needed to have the air on yet. We have window units and put clear plastic over the windows they are in because Terry can no longer remove then and put them back in every year. I just love the first picture on this post. Your granddaughter is beautiful.
Have a great holiday weekend.
xx, Carol