Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Things here

Hi friends!
 Working some of that fabric into this quilt.
Added another row on the bottom.
I'm running low on red so a small border all around. Now for the side borders!
I got this in the mail yesterday.
Won it on Mrs h, I know you have seen her blog. HERE She lives in the Uk and makes the most amazing bags. Isn't that neat?
When it quit raining yesterday Tommy got out there and cut up that branch off the tree and loaded it up and took it to the woods. I helped him load ! Not good with a chain saw!
He hates to cut the tree down because his father planted it when his father  was just a boy. At least 8o something years old. Plus being so close to the house he would have to get a tree cutting service out to do it.
Have a good one


Jeanna said...

The quilt is coming along nicely.

Congrats on your cute win. said...

Nice win. The quilt is coming along. Love the way it is looking.

Julierose said...

that quilt is sure coming along beautifully, Barbara...
We hate to lop off tree limbs too..we have mostly oaks and cedars here...
love the cedars...they give us privacy all around...they are just huge and hoping they won't come down in any storms...
hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh we need help with a couple trees whose branches are touching the house - and i am worried about critter coming over - they have before. You guys come over here! Lol sandie

Ioleen said...

Liking the look of the blue in the quilt.