Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Strip Quilt [Quilt as you go]

Hi friends!
I made two more blocks yesterday.
My quilt wall!
I have 5 more of those blocks made for the next couple of rows, not really sure how many more i will make  or how big  it will be.
Isn't that red and white block interesting? Would make a great quilt just lined up that way. That's a modified nine patch with less red in it.
Going to have to dig out my strip bags to make any more of those strip blocks, i have used all my easy ones but need to use them all up,   HaHa not going to happen! I have made a lot of scrap quilts and have only emptied one tote.
By easy i mean the strips i had that was long enough to make three blocks .
My blocks are 14 inches each.  I wish they made a larger square ruler , big enough to measure 14 or 16 inches. I would buy it because a lot of my blocks are that size. 
I ordered some muslin from Hancock this morning so you can still order from them.
See how much i saved Monday at Hancocks   131.96 that's a lot of course i spent my birthday money plus 9 dollars for all that stuff i showed you yesterday.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You really scored at Hancock!! Those strip blocks go together quickly, don't they. I like the red/white block. That would make a really cool quilt top.
xx, Carol said...

You got some great buys. I know sometimes it is tough to square up with a ruler smaller than the block size. Love the red and white blocks.