Thursday, November 10, 2016

Now and Then

Hi friends!
The G-Gs decorated Missy with stickers off of the tomato's!
Abby cleaning up after Kelly makes her a plate.
Of course this was during our hard time! People covered us up with food!
I got all these apart while helping Tommy put plastic over the windows on the enclosed porch.
I put tape on and held things for him!
Big help right but was having a bad day and needed to be with him!
I have put together one more 20 row and a half row of Tumblers.
Dawn gave me that pattern so i ordered the ruler  with a little help from Colette , so now i have something to make as gifts for Christmas. The charm pack is for a Christmas quilt.
Still trying to get a little sewing in every day.
Tonight is Q-Bees so i will post about that tomorrow.


Ioleen Kimmel said...

Nice to see you working on some projects. said...

Glad you got the big tumbler. Won't take much to put together a big quilt.

margaret said...

so good that you and Tommy are supporting each other so well, it is early days I feel so for you.
Tumbler blocks looking good must route out my tumbler template and have a play

sewyouquilt2 said...

glad you liked the pattern. that Jenny can make me buy everything! cant wait to see your runners and Christmas projects

Chatty Crone said...

Glad to see you back - although I know it is hard.

Rosa said...

Glad to see you you and have fun with your new project!

Wishing you a great weekend.