Friday, November 18, 2016

One side of the next border

Hi friends!
I though about doing the next border like this! Wouldn't take long!
But I didn't like it so I changed to this...
I like this much better. just will take longer.
I got one side done!
Maybe I will get this border done this weekend.
I ordered from Jo-Ann's and got Christmas red and some snowmen.
The other is some fusible interfacing. All things I needed for Christmas gifts.
Our Jessie and her husband Richard came and eat breakfast with us this morning.
She took her turkey table runner home with her.
I have the best Grand's!
She graduates College this July so I am planning on making her another quilt for that.  She is 22 and a sweetie.
Have a good weekend


Chatty Crone said...

I like the way you are not afraid to go back and fix things you don't like!

Needled Mom said...

Although it takes longer, I am sure it will be perfect for the next border.

margaret said...

yes liking the border it will look great said...

I like your new border.

KatieQ said...

If the only projects you made were for your family members you would always be busy. It's wonderful that you are able to make something beautiful for you grandchildren.
I do like the way the pieced border looks.