Sunday, May 7, 2017

More Casserole and Pie carriers

Hi friends!
I made some more casserole carriers over the weekend.
This one looks like the same one but the inside is different.
I dumped two piles of fabric off the shelves and folded some and put them back but put a bunch on the cutting table to cut tumblers and three  inch squares out of it.
Pieces smaller than a eight.
I still have one more shelf to go because I did the same thing to all the piles of fabric on top.
And my other book case needs the same thing.
Maybe when I get finished I will know where and what I have.
Still looking for a piece of fabric I bought to make pillows, I have found every thing else that I lost  by putting things up before Easter.
Do you lose things when you put them up?


Julierose said...

Nice pie/casserole carriers, Barbara-- i have been cutting 2" squares and am going on a cutting binge lately...hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

I love the little owls on the casserole holders. You are so funny - you lose things and then you find them again. You will find it.
sandie said...

Yep lose them and find them much later when I am not looking for them. Your casserole carriers are very cute.

margaret said...

fun holders. Oh yes definately I constantly lose things spend more time looking than doing these days. I am sure the fabric will turn up soon