Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Bag

Hi friends!
Tommy wanted me to make a bag that would go over my head in the case some one though they could take off with it.
So I did!
This is the way I chose to close it.
I like to carry my bag right up under my arm, I think this one is to long for that but he is convinced that it would be harder to steal like this.
I had a mostly used charm pack so I used that.
And a old boring fabric for the lining and made plenty of pockets for keys and phone .
And all they other junk we carry with us.
Just right for me and all my junk!
Maybe that will make him feel better.


Lisa Boyer said...

I must admit I had to read this post a few times before I understood that Tommy wanted you to make a bag that had a STRAP that went over your head. Tommy didn't mean he wanted the bag to go over your head, right? Because that would look funny and you couldn't see where you were going. But if you had to wear a bag over your head, this one is so pretty! Just make some eye holes, okay? said...

I definitely should not read the comments at times because I get to giggling. Your bag turned out gorgeous. I will agree with Tommy, I have taken to wearing my purse that way it is safer, and if someone is going to grab it they are going to probably end up knocking me down to get it.

Julierose said...

I wear my bag over my shoulder with my hand holding onto it these days...
I love how yours came out...hugs, julierose (p.s. what pattern did you use? )

sewyouquilt2 said...

funny you say that as my bag has long straps that I wear that way too. too many crazies these days that would kill you for 5 bucks!
nice bag......

Chatty Crone said...

Tommy was right - this was a great idea - you can carry things and hold on to the strap at the same time. Love it, sandie

margaret said...

I chuckled Tommy wanted to put a bag over or head!
Such a good idea I now buy handbags only if they have the adjustable strap so it will go over my head too. Yours is a lovely make and all those pockets are such a good idea

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice bag. I like a shoulder strap bag. When in parking lots I like to wrap the handle around my arm a couple of times and grasp the bag to my arm pit. But often I wear it cross body style. Sometimes inside my coat or jacket. Around here they have been cutting the strap and taking off with the purse. The older we are, the more vulnerable we are.
xx, Carol