Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi friends!
 I mentioned ordering some more black, well the last time I got a free charm pack with it and again I got one free yesterday !.
Isn't that great free fabric! I ordered from Craftsy.
Look what else came in the mail yesterday!
From our sweet friend Julie Rose. Isn't that beautiful? It resides in the middle of my big dining room table at the moment and looks great.
Last Sat. my mail man brought me a envelope from  Dawn with a template of the rounded Dresden and I had to play with it. This was sewed with my "new" machine.
At first it didn't want to sew right but I worked on her and now she has a great stich.
We spent the afternoon with Tommy's sister yesterday since it was his birthday he put off the weed-eating and afterward we went to Jim's and eat. Then I had to get home and into the garden and then mop up all the tracked on the floor cake.
Tommy set up the tread mill so I could get on it for a while. I don't sleep good with I don't do some treadmill time.
Hoping to can some soup today if nothing happens and get back to sewing. I sewed a little bit Sat, afternoon and that's all I have done in four days.


Chatty Crone said...

You should teach Barb!

Julierose said...

Nice dresdans! I love that pattern...hugs, Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

looks good said...

Isn't it cool when you get a gift with purchase? Your dresdens look great, and glad you got your machine up and running. Also nice Tommy took some down time to enjoy his birthday.

margaret said...

How generous to include a charm pack free here in the UK they cost at least £10 and some are a lot more.
watched a craft programme the other day and they were using the curved dresden plate ruler, have the other one and the petal one and not used either so really should resist this one!