Saturday, January 28, 2012

all things

these are the things i am working on at the moment. i like the bow tie blocks for my couch quilt and have got to get back on it .  but spend more time crocheting than i do quilting because i crochet when the news is on every day. it a good thing they are not sewed together because they are backword on this picture. had some bad news today someone i liked but didn't see ofter is in a coma. please pray for her to get well goodnite friends


Starwood Quilter said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog about my Harvest Star quilt block. I am sure you will have fun with your new adventure of quilting. Enjoy your retirement and your grandkids!

Starwood Quilter said...

I'm glad you're enjoying my grandmother's writings. Though I knew her very well as a grandma, it has been fun for me to get to know her as a 20-year-old.