Tuesday, January 31, 2012

last year

this was last January at our house, a big change . its  was 65 degrees today. Snow is beautiful  as long as you have power, great for taking pictures but when u get old not so great to be in. its strange last year everyone was talking about the weather because we very seldom have snow, but this year they go on and on about it being so mild. its like they forget from one year to the next. before we had all that snow last year we had years of warmer than normal  winters. took the 2 grandsons to the dentist today for fillings and it about got me. why do dentist make you wait for a hour then put you in a room only to wait another 30 minutes to a hour, i was ready to get up and leave but would have just had to take them back. thats something i can do to help their mom, my baby out. goodnite friends

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