Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Next quilt!

Hi friends
 Beautiful day!
I am making us a simple pinwheel quilt.   I am using my 'honeyhoney'  that i have petted for months.
Hubby said none of the quilts in the living room is big enough for him so this one will be.
Look what came while we were gone.  Hubby told me to get enough battening to last a while , he was tired of us buying it everytime we go to walmart so i took him at his word and ordered me a roll while i had a 50% off coupon from jo-anns.
We went to see brother today and then got all our running around done.  He was fixing his back yard , Getting it ready for sod.   He had cement around his pool and it made it to hot.
Got to get somethings done.  Have a great sewing day friends.   Quilt happy

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