Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rainy day

Hi friends!
Our last two weekends have been like this.
I posted late yesterday because of this sweet thing.   They came over and spent the afternoon and ate supper with us.
She has naturally curly hair.  A big curl on top of her head.  She looks just like her daddy, hubby's oldest daughter son
She want have to draw her eyebrows!!!!!
She is a cutie , turned one Jan. 2th of this year. Our sweet Clair-bear.
They have decided to name her sister , when she gets here, Lola.  Haven't made a pick for her other name yet.
Have a great sewing weekend friends, i hope to.  Quilt happy


Miss Holly said...

What a beautiful little bunny!!! Oh your so lucky to have them and they you!!!!
Went to the fabric store yesterday....a dangerous place....yes.....I left with a bag!!! Beautiful prints!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow a sewing a sleepy day as we had 6 for dinner last night!!
I'm a pooped pup today!

Lyndsey said...

She certainly is a little cutie.

Chatty Crone said...

She is so cute and it is still raining here! sandie