Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nette's quilt

Hi friends!
Rainy day[I am so tired of them}
Yesterday i asked my self what i wanted to sew on and myself said this!!!!

It;s going to be the center of my daughter's quilt.  I am going to put two more churn dash's on it before i am finished with the middle block of her quilt.  It will match her pillows.
I have got to get started on Mark's quilt next , so i will be working on two quilt's.
All my flowers are sitting down inside the back porch so maybe the storm's want destroy them.
Our Garden is water logged and we have lost one tomato plant  to it.  Gardens don't like being flooded.
If it doesn't stop soon every thing will rot and we want make much.
I was giving away what we hadn't eaten out of the freezer but Tommy said to wait because we might not have any thing to put back in it.
Prayers for Sandie , she is having surgery today.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

6 comments: said...

Oh we had that last year all the rain my plants really suffered but finally pulled through. But with all the wind and rain it kocked over the garden and it was a mess but I had a lot of tomatoes. said...
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Carrie P. said...

cute block. hopefully your rain will stop soon we have thunderstorms coming our way.
good luck in my giveaway.

Rosa said...

Beautiful block !

Jen said...

Looking lovely Barb.
You really must be sick of the rain.

Carol said...

The colors in that block are really beautiful! No rain here, just hot, hot, hot! :O)