Monday, June 9, 2014

Pillow's for my baby!

Hi friends!
Rainy day!
Yesterday was my daughter's birthday., so i made two of these blocks and bought two queen sized pillow's

Backed them both with this floral pattern fabric.
And made two pillow's just alike!
After the race went off, by the way little E won!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think he is just the nicest one racing!!
Tommy always watches Nascar!!
We drove up to my daughter's and gave her her pillows.  I made them large because when you wash them they will shrink a little.  I am going to make her another quilt because the first one i made was her's and you know it wasn't great, the second one was for red haired daughter so i will be making her another this year too.
With the grands i still need to do 5 queen sized and two twins to finish up their's.
It may be next year before i get all those done.
Wow!! That's a lot of quilt's!
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy


Carmen y Prady said...

Una almohada estupenda.
Un beso. said...

Wow Blogger does not like me today. Great pillow cases love the churn dash.