Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hi friends!
Another beautiful day!
They have closed up more of the wall on the front of the house.
Finished up all the roofing yesterday and we are no so patiently waiting for them to come and turn off the power so we can run it to another meter.
The roof on the porch Tommy did last year but now except for that tiny spot over the porch every thing is green.
It didn't leak so i don't for the life of me know why it has to be all the same color!
Insurance company's think we have as much money as they do!!!!
Don't they know we have already give them all our money?
I made this one standing behind a tree because the sun was behind the house.
I worked on a bag yesterday but if the power is off, i want be sewing this afternoon and it's beginning to look like he got lost.
He was suppose to get here at 9 o'clock and it's 10:30 now
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt happy


laurajane said...

Get all the jobs done before the winter babs,it will be here before we know it.xx said...

Your new roof looks wonderful.

Linda said...

Looks great!