Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
They started work on our house yesterday.
we got son-in-law and his crew over and they will be working for a while.
We are having 3 windows changed out, plus new roof where the old that Tommy hadn't got to yet had to be replaced..
Insurance said it all must match!!!
Plus all new siding all around the house.
Last Sat. we got a window on the front ready inside.
Them we moved all the furniture away from it.
Then as they were going to take out a old flue Tommy took off the cover and realized that his father hadn't put a cap over that hole so i had inches of soot to clean off the floor.
We tracked soot all the way out the back door from the front bedroom!!!!
I mopped until 10 o'clock Sat night , mopped the kitchen Sunday and mopped the whole house yesterday!!! I also cleaned carpet from us walking soot all over it.
I am sore from mopping!!!!!
Wish that would make you lose weigh but don't think so.
After they left it was really to dark to get a good picture.
This is the outside wall of the front bedroom, they striped off the old siding insulated it and put new boards over it except where they are putting a new meter tomorrow.
No sewing but i did get some scraps out to get rid of pieces that are not big enough.
May do some more today.
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt happy

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Lots of work hope it is all going well.