Thursday, September 25, 2014

Never on time

Hi friends!
This was made day before yesterday because for some reason my small camera refuses to put pictures on my computer.
The man got here at 12:30 and the power was off until 4:30, so no sewing after . But all my picture are  on the other camera. The cord seems to not work any more , it's not the computer because the other camera works just fine.
I got this made that far while waiting for the man to come to turn it off.
Got the outside made and the inside lining
I always put 4 or 5 pockets in the lining.
Of course he came and i couldn't get any more sewing done.
Try to get it finished today along with another bag that i need to put straps on.
I am waiting on a order to start 2 more quilts so maybe it will get here soon.
They always send me a e-mail when it ships and they haven't yet today.
I think i ordered it Tuesday, the last time i ordered from them that were much faster.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

1 comment: said...

I hate the hurry up and wait game. You got a bit done though.