Monday, September 15, 2014

Chattanooga Quilt show

Hi friends!
I have had a great weekend!!
My daughter called me one day last week and asked me if i wanted to go to the quilt show!!
Of course i said YES!!!!!
It was amazing!!!
Having lost my first Husband and two of my children this drew my attention.
The name was "grieve"
Didn't get the name of who did this quilt.
We walked around through all the vender's and saw some demonstrations.
Made me want to spend 10.000 dollars on a new machine!
They could do any thing!! One man said all you had to do was set it and go get you a cup of coffee and a snack and come back when it got that area done and move it over. It ran by itself.  No working the pedal. It could quilt your whole quilt and l all you have to do is move it every so often.
My daughter loved all the quilts and picked out the one she wanted
This is the one she wants me to make her.  A little bigger for her bed!
She was going to buy me a pattern for one she liked not this one but put it back when she looked at the price' 74.99'
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy

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Pretty quilt thanks for sharing.