Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hi friends!
I spent the after noon yesterday smoothing the back of my quilt to get it ready for this!
And this is what i will be doing for a few days!
I think i am going to do Hearts over the blocks and the rest of the quilt i am going to follow the lines of quilting or maybe a 1/4 inch over to each side of the sewing line.
Hearts  because they just gor married last year. but the quilt calls for the shadow by the lines are at least i think so. I couldn't answer you Julierose yesterday because my comments are going to  my old email and they have screwed  up blogger so that i can't change it over.
Just when i needed to bad!!!!!!
I did make something the other day i want to show you!
It's another pouch but made out of some very thin fabric, the fabric with the stars. I though i might get to see Anna while she was home on spring brake and give it to her but guess not!
These girls and their boyfriends!!!!!!
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy


barbara woods said...


Rosa said...

Happy quilting!

barbara woods said...

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Awe you are still having problems. So you are quilting on the back instead of the front?

Needled Mom said...

That is a uge task to get it all quilted. Have fun!

Julierose said...

that is a big quilting project for sure! i like the idea of hearts a lot--hugs, good luck Julierose