Monday, March 16, 2015

Tatum's Play

Hi friends!
We went yesterday to see "Illegally Blonde" Our Tatum was the one running around with the boggin and glasses.
She was on stage all the time except for clothes change.  She is a 10th grader so she and one other in her class was all that was in the main players.  They always let the 12th graders take the starring roles in the plays.  They are doing "Macbeth" next but  Tatum is not in it, she is going to be the stage manager.
She started doing this when they moved over there 11 years ago. It was a dancing singing play , like a 2 hour work out!  How they jumped rope and sang is beyond me!!!!
I enjoyed the play but mostly enjoyed watching my baby out there.
She was 6 when they moved out there , just about killed this grandmother.
They do plays  all year long.  It's the North Hall Hollow Horse players in Gainsville Ga. If you are ever in the state you should see them. They have a great Director Jan Ewing.
My camera would not take good pictures and we were in the balcony.
I have been fighting with my computer most of the weekend , trying to get it back the way i want it, finally last night i got it to take pictures!!! I am sure there is something i have forgot to set to the new e-mail. but most of the major things are done
My giveaway drawing will be tomorrow! To sore and stove up to do much today!
Climbing those stars behind my fast moving son made my knees so sore !
I am blessed to be old!!!!
I loved it !!!! But yesterday was the last day!
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

Well to be honest I can't see to good - but I know you are proud of her - I would be too! Hope you get your computer fixed.

Sandra Walker said...

From one proud grandmama (Actually I'm Nana) to another, I can only imagine how your heart swelled to see Tatum on stage! Good for her.