Thursday, March 26, 2015

Still Pillowcaseing!

Hi friends!
Another pillow case.!
I think Sis will like this set.  Her birthday was nearly two weeks ago so i am making her some. She doesn't read my blog because she is at work and doesn't have wifi at home.
I am sure she will love the teddy bears.  She has teddy bears all over both her houses that she has made.
See my finger, i used spray paint to fix a place where it leaked back during the winter. Of course Bobby came over and fix the roof right away but i had been waiting until i could open the house so the fumes wouldn't bother Tommy, He has COPD.  He was raking hickory nuts  that day to keep them from dulling his lawn mower blades.
I don't like but most of one side to finish the hem on Ryan and Jess's quilt.  So i may try again tonight to hand sew it. Then if i can't do it i will sew it down.
Some where i won a spool of this thread from Connecting Threads and it last and last so i ordered 6 spools. They were out of the lighter colors but when they get in some i will order some of those. These will do for now, hopefully it will blend in on my quilts.
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Connecting Threads...threads...are great. I use them all the time.

Barb said...

Pillow cases are so fun to do.....

Karen H said...

Cute pillow cases, I should make some of those, too. It would be a good way to use up some fabric! I love the thread from Connecting Threads. Nice quality, and nice big spools - they last a long time.