Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday finish

Hi friends!
It took it out side when the sun was shining but it was gone by the time i got it hung up. And hour later it came out but it was to late ,it was in the washer.
At least it's finished because her shower is tomorrow.
We are moving my sewing room into the front bedroom , shoved all the furniture against the wall and put my table in the middle. Maybe some day we will get the living room finished and i can move thing out it it will just be my sewing room instead of a closet to.
But at least i want have to put every thing up every time we have a big family dinner. It always takes me weeks to find every thing afterward so that will be better.
Tommy and I dug out his Grandmothers table that she gave him before she died.It had squirrel beds all over it. It was way back in the barn.
It is so old that it has square nails  in it
It also has a place where the oil lamp turned over and burned a hole in it.
Tommy will never part with this because his grandmother gave it to him.
We sprayed it good and then he cleaned it up and we moved it into the house.
I have a lot of work to do in there before it looks like a sewing room.
Have a good weekend .
Quilt Happy



Ioleen said...

Very nice quilt. Looked like a nice day.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...


Julierose said...

Lovely lovely quilt--and all finished--congratulations! I really love old furniture...that table is neat!! It looks really big--would make a nice sewing, table for sure. Hugs for a great weekend....Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

Love the pink quilt. And it is ready just in time - I knew you could do it. And that table is AWESOME - look at the history it has and life was sooooooooooooooo different then. A room to sew in is perfect for you. said...

The quilt turned out lovely. How cool to use Tommy's grandmother's table. it is so cool that he cherishes it and has kept it so long.