Monday, July 18, 2016

My Saturday

Hi friends!
My daughter came over Sat. and i gave David his quilt.
I think he loved it.
The quilt folded!
This is Mark, he graduates Next year. Tommy standing besides him.
Alisha, they had been to eat and had ice creams.
Wayne refuses to have his picture made usually but he was in the living room.
She had carried them for hair cuts and bought all them new shoes for school which starts in a couple of weeks.
Its very expensive for a single mom to send their kids to school.
I was putting up the last batch of soup. going to start freezing the orka .
I put up 9 quarts and one pint  of soup plus 2 quarts of pepper sauce. When i finished and got the kitchen cleaned up Kim and Richard came over .
Our ball player Hagon is at the world series of baseball because their team won for the state of Ga. He loves to play ball, any kind of ball. Prays for them safe travel. They are having them in Miss.
Last night we went and bought groceries and when we got home i made Ice cream since it was Ice cream day.
Can't not do National Ice Cream Day!!!!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Ioleen Kimmel said...

David looks happy with his quilt. All the best to the ball players. said...

I think he liked his quilt. I missed national ice cream day! Oh no!

Chatty Crone said...

I know he loved his quilt and I enjoyed your photos.

KatieQ said...

Just reading about your day was exhausting. It's wonderful that your family is close enough to drop by. David looks pleased with his quilt.

margaret said...

I can see David is delighted with his quilt, you have had some good family time. We do not have an ice cream day here in the UK

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I bet Dave loves his quilt. Boys don't usually jump up and down like girls do. We had ice cream bars in honor of Ice Cream Day. A local stand makes what we call Monkey bars. Ice Cream frozen in a glass with hot fudge and nuts layered with ice cream frozen with a stick in the middle then dipped in hard chocolate coat. A real treat that we have loved since we were "kids".

You are so right, it IS tough to get kids ready for the new school year. We always take a few packed back packs over to the school along with lots of supplies when they go on clearance to help the kids that need them. Walmart clearance here usually starts just when school reopens.
xx, Carol

Mary Burnette said...

I follow via email. Thanks for the give away.

Needled Mom said...

I'm glad that the quilt was such a hit.

Wishing the baseball players good luck in their games. That is so exciting.

laurajane said...

You can tell he loves his quilt.You are always so busy Babs you make my head spin lol.x