Monday, July 24, 2017

Busy Weekend

Hi friends!
My daughter came and got her quilt yesterday.
She said it was beautiful.
This morning she came by after she got off of work at 6 and left me some pretties.
I wasn't up so she left it on the back porch.
Kari my sweet grand daughter found this some where and sent it by Jessie to me by way of her mother.
Looks rough don't it!
Kari sent me a video a few days ago and it runs , wiring is a bit rough.
The petal is from a later model of machine but some one wired it up and it chugs along.
Decal are like my feather weight and the face plate to.
But right now I have else something I must do.
Some birds found our corn so we had to start pulling.
We planted so late that we are having all kinds of problems.
Got to get that into the freezer today.

5 comments: said...

The quilt turned out great. Love the old machine it is a model 15 probably a Japanese clone, they run great.

Chatty Crone said...

That quilt was pretty and the sewing machine does look rough - does it work? That corn looks soooooooooooooooooo good - sorry the crops didn't do so good! sandie

Julierose said...

that is one gorgeous quilt--I love the pattern--you did a super job on that!! hugs,Julierose

Rose said...

Nice! I have one that is similar in runs, but I haven't messed with it enough to get it to running good.

margaret said...

daughter looks delighted with here quilt. What a find with the old machine. Seriously considering buying a new one a janome with a 11" space been pondering for ages thinking maybe quilting will be easier to do but that might just be wishful thinking