Thursday, July 6, 2017


Hi friends!
Do you see what I did?
I noticed at 2:30 during the night and just grabbed a ripper and ripped  it apart .
And it's still laying there!
Maybe I will have time to put it back later today.
I sewed this together and it lays flat.
Got this yesterday from Mabel Designs , a etsy shop and she sent me a free roll of ribbons.
Going to make pillows for Missy for a late birthday present . Her birthday was in Feb.!
All I like now  is Abby's and her birthday is in Nov.
I am so behind!
It has rained every day for over a week. Tommy is about crazy because the grass and ground is so wet he can't mow.
If it doesn't slow down every thing in the garden is going to rot.
Cooks, where we go to get produce until ours comes in is having it rough because of the rain. Their tomato's have been rotting.
Tommy said ours have black places on them to.
Last year we couldn't buy rain now it doesn't want to stop. I feel for farmers that make a living from their produce.
Have a good one

6 comments: said...

OK i wouldn't have noticed one way or the other. LOL Keeping track of birthdays.

Julierose said...

I wouldn't have noticed either! I love that lap quilt--SOOO pretty...
hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

Did you sew the wrong ends together?

Love the horse.

And we are having MORE rain too!

margaret said...

not sure what is wrong with your quilt. Here we are having dry weather was warned about thunderstorms for yesterday evening but none came. Not sure what is going on in the world weather wise as it all seems to be going haywire. trust you will get a dry spell soon

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I can't believe that a year ago you were having a draught! I just had an alert on my phone that there will be flash flooding in our area. We have lots of creeks running into the St Joseph River. Luckily, we are on the high side of the river and not near a creek but I sure feel sorry for those in the low lands. Many often have creeks overflow into their back yard and sometimes into their homes. At least rainy days give us time to work inside.
xx, Carol

Jen said...

HI Barb ,I looked but seemed ok to me. I think it is lovely. Sorry so much rain is ruining the garden, It always looks so lush. Wish I lived next door.