Monday, October 23, 2017

Addie's Quilt

Hi friends!
Got Addie's quilt to the couch.
That binding looks black and them in different lighting it looks brown! But since it's half way sewed down it will stay.
Got this one  ironed and to the quilting machine.
Got this many blocks done to Mark's quilt.
I worked all day Sat. but yesterday we went to Church and dropped by the funeral home because my great-niece died. To young because of cigarettes. She and her sisters started smoking before the warnings!
Today has been one year since we lost Brad and his family!
I miss them every day! Still expect to see them pull up because he came over a lot.
Have a god one


Julierose said...

Oh so sorry for your loss--there have been way too many in your life for sure...
You got a lot of Red/Yellows blocks done and the two others look are on a roll for sure...
hugs Julierose said...

I was thinking about Brad and the family today.
Addie's quilt is humming right along as well as Mark's quilt.

Chatty Crone said...

One year ago today - a big loss that you will NEVER get over. Senseless too. I am sorry about your great aunt too.
I do like the pink quilt - girls just want to have fun.


sewyouquilt2 said...

so sorry that today is such a sad day. just know they loved you amd miss you too. hugs.......