Thursday, April 5, 2018

Kristian's Quilt

Hi friends!
Quilting on Kristian's quilt a little every day.
We both had Dr. Apt. today, Tommy's Cat Scan came back good. The the eye Dr. said see you in six months. Took all day for them to say that.
Now I can't see but a little after he dilated both eyes. So very short post


Julierose said...

Glad to hear all went well for you both; and that you are working on Kristiann's quilt.
I am going to be sewing the backside of my son's quilt together my measurements are right....hugs, Julierose

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a good doctor day. That dilated eye bit is for the birds!

Carol S. said...

The dilated eye thing is such a bother, but glad all is well! said...

Hate the dilated eyes. But glad everything is going good.

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you are both okay - doctors make you wait - but I am glad when it is good news.