Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mark's and Wayne's pillows and fabric for Catylen's quilt

Hi friends!
Glad you stopped by!
Its a beautiful day! Don't forget the giveaway HERE
Got this in the mail this morning for Catylen's and Travis's quilt.
She wanted tractors!!!!
Think i will make it using the tractor as the center of each block.
This will be the last grand kids quilt, i think of course i am still working on two more Grands quilt right now.
So it should be done for Christmas .Hopefully!!!!
I am behind on birthdays, Kristain's birthday was last Sat. and i just finished Marks and Wayne's.
Their birthdays were in Oct.
They will problemly fight over the Georgia one because they have been winning games and the falcons haven't!
I just hope they like them!!
Have a wonderful sewing  day friends.
Quilt happy


andsewon said...

Sure they will love the cases! WOW you are almost done with all those grands and great grand quilts?? you are a awesome Grammy! said...

Love the pillows. Especially the one with baseballs. I have a request for a quilt with a baseball theme.