Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quilt Sandwich

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Cold is a coming!
I sandwiched Brad's and D.J.'s quilt, so today i will quilt it, i hope!
I used a full sheet and added some muslin on one side to make it big enough for the backing.
My rose bush still thinks it fall! It may get killed by the end of the week, lows in the 20th's.
At least they have taken the snow out of the forecast.  Maybe it will hold off at least until Christmas.
  My poor garden is gone!  It still had bell peppers on it.
Something else that has buds on it but it blooms  during the winter.
I bought two of these and only one blooms.
They are both pink Camellias.
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

1 comment: said...

Love your Camellias. My grandmother had them outside of her front door. We can't grow them here. Good job getting your quilt sandwiched.