Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Hi friends!
I wanted some Christmas fabric and Craftsy had a sale.
I ordered the fabric under these for a Christmas present so not showing much of it.
I have looked at most of the fabric's in the charm packs and i like the one at the top best.
It's holiday Magic by Benartex and it has the most Christmasy fabric in it.
Some i may order some yardage in.
I worked on Shania Faith's quilt some and got more of it together.
Still have a ways to go with it but i am going to cut letters today i think.
We had to go and get some diesel fuel this morning , you know Hubby can't pick up 0ver 15Lbs and the Dr. told me years ago not to pick up over 20 but when Tommy got it full it weighted more that 20 so when we got home i suggested using his pull behind wagon to carry it in the barn. He liked that idea , Amazing!!!
 But i had thought to roll it out put the fuel into it and roll it back in.
His idea  was to hook it to the john deer and carry it into that small space.
He spent 10 minutes tying to get that wagon where he wanted it for me to pick the can up!
 Do all men do that , waste so much time doing things the hard way?
Now i have fuel on my hands!!!!!!
I was reading Dawn's blog yesterday and realized that my feather weight doesn't have a mat to sit on
She blogs on sewuquilt2 and my crazy computer or blogger one want let me link to her blog.!
Any way i started mine with a bunch of three inch. squares .
I may work on it some today to.
Have a great one friends.
Quilt Happy


sewyouquilt2 said...

love your squares so fun I cant wait to finish mine
maybe a matching pincushion will be next LOL said...

I always get sent to the gas station for fuel when DH is mowing. I just look at him and ask why don't you check that before you start to mow? I need a machine pad or two or three also. I am just not that motivated right now.

Julierose said...

Just love those colors in shania's quilt--so pretty...hugs, Julierose