Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hi friends!
Got all my rows done but just have three together.
Hoping to join the rest and start on the border today. Hoping to finish by Friday, Hope Hope Hope! Don't know if that's possible but i am working hard on it.
I ordered me some more thread from Connecting Threads and just had to get a half yard of this.
I love their thread and it last a really long time. 5000 yards per cone!
I love Christmas fabric, any body that knows me knows that.
I am working on at least one present that i can't show on here.
At least i worked on it about 15 minutes last weekend!

I made Tommy a sweet potato pie last night. I use 1/4 cup sugar for taste and 3/4 cup of splenda for our health.
He loves them!
I got my Janome , bad picture, out last Sat but didn't do any thing but take it apart, it takes a very small Allen wrench that i don't have to adjust it so i will see if i can get one and try again at a later date.
I just hate to see some that costly go to waste but not enough to spend 100 dollars to get it fixed  for it to run another 6 months.
Just wish they didn't make them so junky!
Have a good one .
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

That pie looks good - I didn't know Splenda worked in baking.

Ioleen said...

The quilt is looking great and the pie - yummy. I use splenda is some baking as well. Can't tell the difference.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Enjoyed all your randomness....:) said...

Sweet potato pie sounds yummy. Cute fabric.