Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My soon- to- be table runner.

Hi friends!
My first two rows of my soon to be Thanksgiving Table runner.
Yesterday in the mail i got this from Dawn at Here She blogs at sewuquilt2 and she is making this table runner so i had fabric that would work.
She was sweet enough to send me a pattern Here is hers!
I stole her picture!

Isn't that pretty? I love Dresden's any way and love making them so this just appeals to me.
Her's is a whole lot prettier than mine is going to be.  I love her colors. Mine is a layer cake called 'home for the harvest'
I like hers better!
I have been working on another quilt that my daughter wanted me to make .
I have always wanted to make the 'square in a square pattern' and i am using that.
This is one of my first blocks!
So i will be working on both of these plus Shania's quilt.
Lots to do!
Have a great one!
Quilt Happy


sewyouquilt2 said...

I like your colors too Babs! gonna look nice

it is so fun picking them out

Ioleen said...

I like your colours Barb. The blue tells me that it is a nice fall day. Sunny with a blue sky and fluffy white clouds. You are busy with 3 things on the go.

Julierose said...

I like your fabrics with the leaves--looks like a Fall day...gonna be really nice...hugs,Julierose

Needled Mom said...

I think yours looks great in those fabrics. said...

Love the colors you are using. Looks like some fun quilty goins on around there.