Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lots today

Hi friends!
I worked a while on this yesterday.
Then we went to town, Tommy needed a filter and oil to change the oil in his john deere.
Next week he changes every thing in his tractor , very costly.
Monday when i went to Walmart i got some blue thread , that's what i went for, and bought 2 yards  of this black and this little stax.
Can't seem  to buy just  one thing. That black is for trim and i am thinking the bottom of a winter bag.
We will see.
The black was 6 something a yard so it's the good stuff.
They do have some good mixed in with the cheap.
I ran across a bag of scraps that Sis had given me that i hadn't looked through before and found 81/2 inch pieces of ball fabric for boys. Now i think i will make some pillow cases out of those. Don't know how that will look but i sewed some together to see. I will take those two that are against each other off and do another one to finish it. It's plenty big enough for a big pillow. Their are two great grands that i have made a quilt for but not pillows and they love sports so this will be for them.
Did a little on this! I like having lots of things going so when i get tired of working on one i change.
I am really loving this table runner. Think i will work on it today.I need to add these pieces and cut him a tie and tiny beck. Is that how u spell it..... beck?
Have a good one!
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

Loved the pink bear blanket and the turkey!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

The turkey is so cute. I do love the dresden plate anyway, and adding the turkey makes it all the better. Thanks for sharing him.

Ioleen said...

You are one busy lady. Everything is looking great. The turkey is going to be really cute.

Rosa said...

Busy girl, there are gorgeous projects and the turkey is very fun!

Have a great week. said...

Your turkey is looking so cute. The blanket is looking great too. I like having multiple projects going too.