Friday, November 20, 2015


Hi friends!
This is a real pain!       Don't forget my Giveaway HERE
I have decided to free motion the saching and just sew across each block with a x if i can.
This machine will quilt every thing but not these blocks made out of more polyester than cotton.
I have never seen it just dig into the fabric like it does.
So i will set it to sew after i get done with this part and use my walking foot to do that part.

Wish me luck!
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy


Ioleen said...

You may want to try a different size needle. Also I have found that it I have my thread sitting upright that also helps. My thread is usually laying down. Good luck with this.

Needled Mom said...

That looks like a real struggle. Good luck. said...

You may want to try a ballpoint needle too. It is used for sewing knits.

Kay said...

Goodluck. The actual quilting is my least favourite part, I never feel confidant to try the kind of designs I really would like. x

Rosa said...

Go, you can.Take it easy!

Sandra Walker said...

Not fun! Hope you got it going better...walking foot should do the trick.