Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sequins and broke needles

Hi friends!
I started yesterday with this!
Went to this.

We didn't go any where yesterday and i can do so much more when we stay at home.
These are boogers! i broke at least five needles yesterday trying to sew and keep the sequins.
After the fifth needle i started taking them off near the seam line.
This lady loved her sequins!
It's raining cat's and dog's here but at least so far the wind is not as bad as predicted.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Julierose said...

oh i L O V E those added sequins--my two grandgirls Willa adnd Fiona are totally into SEQUINS!! I love this look (actually, i am totally into sequins too..never got over that!! hahaha)
great work in progress Barb, hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

Haha - I don't think I even have 5 needles to break~! Love sequins tho. It is raining here too and cold. said...

I would be out of needles for my quilting machines if I broke 5 needles. One machine only likes the singer needles, no matter what.

Needled Mom said...

I'll bet those sequins are really tough on the needles. They do look pretty.