Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Day

Hi friends!
I now have all 12 of the blocks made for David's quilt.
Maybe i will get time today to add them to my center.
Then i will know if i need a few more are not.
I am a messy biscuit maker. I make biscuits the old fashion way with my hands, my mother and first mother in law both did them that way.  Tommy had the left overs for breakfast this morning.
We got to laughing so hard during breakfast that we lost our breath. I never knew that marriage could be so much fun until i married him.
We had Potato soup with biscuit's  last night for supper. We never eat the way you are suppose to!!!
For our veggies we had tomato slices fresh from the garden to go with it.
One night we had gravy and biscuits and tomato's!!!
Our yard is getting in bad shape from the lack of rain.
If we don't get rain soon we will lose our garden. Tommy watered it again last night. That's the only reason it not dead. These are going to be some expensive veggies with all the watering.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Love Of Quilts said...

That's the only way to make a biscuit with your hands. I have always done that. Hope you get the much needed rain.

Ioleen said...

Always make biscuits with my hands,don't know another way. Hoping you get some rain. We just had a downpour and now it is hot and muggy.

Needled Mom said...

Is there another way to make biscuits?????? Your blocks look great. I hope you get rain soon.

margaret said...

blocks looking good and biscuits tasty, have to own up to not making biscuits (shortbread) for a few years now. Why can`t the rain fall where needed of course we are having plenty now Wimbledon is on!

sewyouquilt2 said...

those biscuits look yummy. now I have to make some.
it is dry here too. we have a short shower passes through with a tiny drop or two. nothing to amount to anything. I am watering my tomatoes to make sure I get some.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I hope you get rain soon!! West Virginia would LOVE to send you some!! Terry and I will celebrate our 45 year anniversary this year. When people ask me how we do it, I tell them he makes me laugh! And boy do we!! Have a great 4th.
xx, Carol

Julierose said...

YUM!! Those biscuits look a treat--AND potato soup--all my favorite "food groups" lol...I like how that quilt is shaping up...I am still sewing rows...may end up just tying this one...haven't decided yet, but the idea of pulling yet another big quilt through Helga is not very enticing...we need rain, too--quite a drought here...hugs, Julierose said...

Your biscuits look yummy. I have a cheater recipe, still have to do a little kneading etc. (No not using biscuit mix) Doesn't the ground remind of you of late August instead of just heading into July?

Chatty Crone said...

What a sweet posts - quilts - biscuits - and love.