Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Vintage Farm Quilt

Hi friends!
Isn't that cute?
I finally found a package of dark rickrack and it'd looks good as the cord. Not quit as good as the plug-in but I will leave it as it is.
I finished hand quilting this one!
I went around the black square on the outside and did each  u shape.
I think that enough and it's all I am putting in.
I have this one stretched so tight that the lines look bent!  Already Hand quilted the light fabric around the green square so  maybe my hand quilting want look so bad. I am going around each of the star points. We have to have these finished in two weeks but all I like are the star points. All eight of them!
Q-Bees are making a quilt , we hoped to get it into the quilt show this year but since it's in a little over two weeks we want be able to make it. We still need to sew all the blocks together and some one will have to do the binding.
I'm not great at binding , sewed to many hems in my earlier years so I just hem them but Sis and Vickie are really good at that.
 Have a good one


Needled Mom said...

I LOVE the ric rac for the cord. That is such a cute block.

Julierose said...

OHMYGOSH--what a creative and cute cord--You are so talented--rick-rack cord--made me it...hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

I love what you did with the mixer - you are so clever!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope that you get the quilt done for the show! Sandie

Ioleen Kimmel said...

Love the mixer. The cord is priceless. Great job. said...

Love your mixer and the rick rack cord is fabulous.

Lady of the Manor said...

I love that mixer quilt block! How cute!!

margaret said...

these blocks are going to make such an interesting quilt and sure to attract lots of attention at the show, good luck to whoever puts it all together.