Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Hi friends!
we made a fast trip to Walmart yesterday.
The fusible was to do Jessica's scrubs but two of them were flared so it didn't work very good. I ended up just hemming them! I only do that for Grands!
The zippers are for Abby's pillows and for Tommy's overalls.
That fabric just jumped into my buggy!
That's what Tommy says when some crispy crèmes land in our buggy!

I got this in the mail today.
Its from Digi-teck designs and they say it works like magic and your machine will sew so good and no dropped threads , going to try it on my quilting machine. If it works I may order a lot more, I will let you know. Very reasonable , 2.99 I think

I ran across some small blocks that I made a few years ago when my pile of fabric on the table where I put it fell off and these were on the bottom. So decided to make a hot pad.
Using this for the back!
My old ones are getting pretty rough.


Chatty Crone said...

You are so sweet you would do anything for your grands.

Needled Mom said...

I say the same thing at the grocery store when things jump in my basket!

margaret said...

some good buys you have there, here we have Asda owned by walmart but we cannot buy stitchy things here, Wondering ehat the thread is sounds interesting. Hot pad looks good, nice to have pretty things to use in the kitchen said...

Nice that you took the time to hem the scrubs. I love it when stuff falls into my basket. Like Krisy Kremes!