Friday, May 4, 2018

Double Pot Holder

Hi Friends!
Making pockets for a double pot holder. Using muslin for the back , then sew across it to hold it.
Picked out my binding fabric and trimmed across the top.
Then placeed them on top of my already cut long piece of fabric.
The pocket measures 8  1/2 inch's both way .
I cut the main part 8 1/2 by 30 I think , my last one I made was snug on a casserole so this one I wanted longer.
Added insul-bright and battening and the back piece and sewed them together.
Sewed the binding on to the back.
Pinned it down onto the front. Then sew down.
Perfect for hanging over your oven and grabbing when you need it.
Have a great weekend.


Jeanna said...

Awesome project! Enjoy your weekend.

Angie&Gary Short said...

Thank you for explaining how you made the pot holder because I've been wanting to make one, but haven't just yet. I have no excuse now :-). Have a great weekend!!