Thursday, May 3, 2018

Strip Quilt

Hi friends!
I trimmed all those blocks to 12 inch's and now I need a bunch more. At least a row on top and on bottom.
I want it nice and big for our bed.
So last night I started again.
Hoping to finish it this month so back to making blocks.
Tommy's cleaning out the garden.
When he works outside I work on the house.
This was my after Christmas gift to myself. The one I had had for 25 years broke but I don't think this one will last that long! They don't make things to last any more
Love how it works ! That bottom bucket gets full of the dirtiest water!
Don't know how my rugs get that dirty with just me and Tommy here.
It shoots it into the rug then it sucks it back out!
You know when Hubby is watching  t vhe doesn't want you cleaning so he can't see the t v so when he is out side I play.


Jeanna said...

Your string quilt is going to be so nice. That is a fancy floor tool you have there.

Julierose said...

Loving your string blocks--that will be so nice for your own bed!!
Hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad to see you making a quilt for yourself.

What is that a wet vac?

sewyouquilt2 said...

nice string quilt and great that it is quilt as you go. a nice finish soon
I know those rug cleaners kick up the dirt from CHina! lol

Carol S. said...

I love the look of a string quilt and yours is beautiful! I'm always surprised how much stuff gets sucked up in my vacuum and carpet cleaner when it's just two of us.