Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi friends!
Beautiful day  70 something degrees !
I have this pillow for 'a' made  the stars sparkle and i hope  she likes it.
I am working on another for 'k' and i will post later on this week about it.  That will be one pillow for each under aged grand.
The old marrieds get blankets for their baby's  and a hand made quilt.
I have been making quilt's for years but while i was working i would buy panels at walmart and sew a binding or a ruffle on it.
Some 18 years old's, that i made one for their mother's before they were born, still has theirs.
Haven't done much on my quilt lately but i have made some more blocks.
Hurt my back mopping the house last friday and mostly i am sitting down.   It's hard to sew when you can't get up and move around.
Have a great one   Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

Another lovely pillow Barbara.
Hope the back soon improves.

Love Of Quilts said...

So pretty!

Miss Holly said...

Oh ..I'm so sorry about your back...not fun...take it easy and let it heal...not easy I know.
I love the pillow...what a great pattern! I've got so much going on I really need 48 hour many projects!! And I taught two little boys to sew this weekend!!! On machines!!! 6 and 8.... They did so well!!!! This was all there idea...max the 6 year old wanted a sewing machine for his birthday!!! So he got it!! They both made wallets!!
Take care of yourself...wish I was closer so I could run a dinner over to you! Xxx