Monday, June 17, 2013

Allison's Quilt

Trying to put blocked on point

Hi friends!
Cloudy day!
Hubby worked all day Sat. on the garden , got it cleaned up real good, and it rained again yesterday.
Hubby was happy yesterday , two of his daughter's came to see him.  Baby daughter is in Fla.on vacation so she sent him a message on facebook.
Oldest daughter we didn't hear from at all.?
I am tring to put those blocks on point, don't know yet if i can get that to work but will see after i get back from caring two grand girls back for filling at the dentist.
I looked   for some pink fabric that sparkles to put on allie's  quilt that  i had forgot about having it .  Maybe i have enough to put a little on it.
I did her pillow back in the sparkle fabric so it will match.
Have a great sewing day friends.   Quilt happy


Janine said...

Busy times! Those blocks look great on point :)

Chatty Crone said...

You are busy girl! And that is your garden - what are you g rowing?

laurajane said...

Quilts coming along nicely.xx

Needled Mom said...

I always love blocks on point.